Anatomy Class Field Trip


Throughout the year, the Anatomy and Physiology class has been studying the anatomy and physiology of the human body while covering medical terminology and the eleven systems (skin and body membranes, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive). While in the midst of learning, on February 28, the two classes went to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital to see how the content they were learning in the classroom is used in the real world.
The day at the hospital started off by meeting in the lobby and then moving into the conference room for prayer and breakfast. The students then learned about the foundation and expectations of the hospital, and they also learned about the History of the Franciscan Sisters. After this, the two classes split up into two groups; one group toured the hospital while the other group went to surgery.
The group that went to surgery changed out of their clothes and into scrubs and a hair cap (like those that work in the operating room). They were then led into a mock operating room where they performed a mock surgery. The mock surgery was called a “skittle laparoscopy” where students used real operating tools to pull skittles out of a fake stomach. During the “surgery” there were two students at the operating table at a time, the surgeon on the left and the assistant on the right. The assistant held the laparoscope, a thin lighted tube that has a video camera, so that the surgeon could see in the fake stomach. The surgeon then put a trocar through the fake abdomen and inserted the laparoscopic forceps through the trocar to get into the abdomen. Working together, the surgeon eventually was able to grab a skittle and pull it out of the abdomen. While waiting to do the mock surgery, students were able to look at other instruments used in surgery that were laid out on tables around the mock operating room.
While the first group was in surgery, the second group toured the hospital. They saw the ER and were also able to see an empty room. They then saw the ICU floor, burn unit, and the oncology floor. While touring the hospital, students were able to interact and ask the nurses questions. They also were able to see a supplies closet and what contents it holds. Each group was able to experience the mock surgery and the tour of the hospital. After they were both finished, they met back in the conference room for lunch.
After lunch, students were able to hear from a doctor who works in the emergency room. They told the students about the day in the life of an ER doctor. Afterwards, students had a burn unit presentation. A doctor that works in the burn unit talked to the students about the different types of burns one can experience and how they treat the different types of burns. The final speakers were a panel. They each worked in a different part of the hospital, they explained what their job is, what they do, and how they got the position they are today. The field trip was very fun while also being informative. The anatomy students loved it!