Senior Spotlight: Meagan Huff


Name: Meagan Huff

Grade Started at Ascension: 5th

Favorite Teacher: Coach Sorrell 

Favorite Ascension Memory: SK grabbing Maddy J’s phone out the drain with her toes 

Future Plans: Attend LSU and major in business administration 

Meagan Huff has played basketball and volleyball since being at Ascension. She has been in the clubs Cupcakes for Causes, Beads for Needs, Cajun Elite Volleyball, SADD, and she was also in Leadership. In her free time, Meagan likes to sleep or shop. Her favorite thing about Ascension is the friends she has made being here since 5th grade. If she could define herself in three words, it would be spontaneous, organized, and honest. As a senior, the advice she has for underclassmen would be, “listen to Ms. Fournet and write down everything relating to school.”