Life Advice with Caroline Part 2


After leaving high school, you’re expected to do great things in your life in order to be happy. However, you don’t have to do extraordinary things to live an extraordinary life. Everyone is just figuring things out as they go. Some people look like they have it together, but they don’t, and vice versa. Society has this notion that you have to have so many accomplishments in order to achieve happiness and success, but you don’t. There is beauty in life, no matter if it’s extraordinary or ordinary. 

With the idea that eventuality that our upperclassmen will be going to college and will have new expectations in order to amount to anything in life, it creates unattainable goals for them and unneeded stress. It is good to have expectations for yourself, but not to the point where they are detrimental to your well-being. Quite frankly, college will be a rude awakening to many of us in terms of what the real world is like, so we will have to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed. But with the right mindset, we can achieve anything that life throws at them. When it comes to accepting yourself without accomplishments, truly loving yourself for who you are, and not breaking under the world’s expectations, you will be happier overall as a person.

There are many well-accomplished people in the world that feel empty and many non-accomplished people that are happy. It is not dependent on what they have done or what they have, but it is all about who they believe they are as a person and how they value themselves.