73 Question’s with Gabby Piasecki



Gabby Piasecki

  1. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? 

I love to paint!

  1. Dream country to visit?

Iceland, France, or Greece

  1. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had?

My friends surprised me with a bday party at lunch!

  1. What are 3 things you can’t live without?

Jesus, Celcius, and Pinterest

  1. What’s your current TV obsession?

Anything with Emma Stone or Tom Holland

  1. Secret Talent? 

I make really good Gigi Hadid pasta!

  1. Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? 

Snorkeling with seals in La Paz, Mexico, cliff jumping in Malta, and riding camels in Cabo!

  1. How would you define yourself in three words?

Goofy, caring, friendly

  1. Superpower you would want?

Be able to read people’s minds

  1. Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Have the courage to get out of your comfort zone and to take every opportunity life gives you

  1. What’s a movie that everyone should see?

10 Things I hate About You

  1. What’s your spirit animal?


  1. What’s your favorite board game?

Oregon Trail by Mr. Jones!

  1. What’s your favorite color?

Any shade of blue!!

  1. Least favorite color?


  1. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, preferably a iced caramel latte

  1. Sweet or Savory?


  1. Board games or Card games?

Card games

  1. Country or City?


  1. Beach or Mountains?

Obviously beach

  1. Pancakes or Waffles?


  1. Morning or Night?


  1. Cats or Dogs?


  1. Pen or Pencil?


  1. Socks or Barefoot?


  1. Pepsi or Coke?


  1. McDonald’s or Burger King?

I don’t eat either, but if I had to choose McDonald’s

  1. Netflix or YouTube?


  1. Passenger or Driver?

Passenger princess

  1. Save or Spend money?

Spend money. It’s a really bad habit.

  1. Sweater or Hoodie?


  1. Cake or Pie?


  1. iOS or Android?


  1. Watching Football or Baseball?


  1. You are stuck on an island, you can pick one food to eat forever without getting tired of it, what would you eat?


  1. A dessert you don’t like?

Chocolate cake

  1. Song you can listen to on repeat? 

“Dancing in the Dark” by Rihanna

  1. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?


  1. What is on your bucket list?

To see floating lanterns

  1. Best childhood memory?

Touring New York with my mom, grandmother, and sister!!

  1. What is your favorite holiday?


  1. What are you most thankful for?

Literally everything in my life

  1. What is your favorite joke?

Interrupting cow

  1. How many siblings do you have?

One younger sister

  1. When is your birthday?

May 9!

  1. Favorite snack?

Any type of fruit

  1. What is the bravest thing you ever did?

Pushing myself to keep trying while life was at its hardest

  1. What are your pet peeves?

Being ignored or interrupted

  1. What genre of music are you into?


  1. What was the last thing you read?

The Canterbury Tales in Mrs. Lad’s class!

  1. What’s the phone app you use most?

Tik Tok

  1. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy clothes off of Pinterest

  1. What makes you laugh the most?

My friends

  1. What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?


  1. Are you usually early or late?

Tight on time

  1. What’s your dream car?

Mmmm idk

  1. What takes up too much of your time?

School and volleyball

  1. What’s one condiment you put on everything?


  1. What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

Seeing what life has in store for me

  1. If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you like to have?

Marine biologist

  1. What irrational fear do you have?


  1. What’s the best thing you got from your parents? (physical/personality trait)

My eyes

  1. If your life was a book, what would its title be?

Living In the Overflow

  1. What would you do if you only had one day left?

Hang out with the people that make me the happiest

  1. How often do you buy clothes?

Pretty often

  1. What’s your favorite fast food chain?


  1. What was your favorite subject in school?


  1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

A little bit of both

  1. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Warning: cranky without caffeine

  1. If you could completely get rid of one month out of the year, which month would it be?


  1. If you had to endorse a brand, which brand would it be?


  1. Would you ever run a marathon?

Not for fun

73.Who is your role model?