Homecoming Week Recap!!!


Homecoming is a hectic week of excitement and fun filled activities. This year, the week consisted of dress up days, powederpuff, the parade, class games, teacher games, hallway decorations, concert, sports games, and many more fun activities. And of course it would not be Homecoming week without the junior-senior war, and the juniors and seniors staying up all night wrapping each other’s houses with toilet paper. 


The class leaders and prefects from each grade chose a theme to decorate their hallway. Seniors had the main hallway downstairs, stopping at Mrs. Lobello’s room. The juniors had the science hallway, and the sophomores started where the seniors’ decorations ended, the English hallway. The freshmen had the math hallway upstairs, and the ochos had the world language/ arts hallway. On Sunday, hallway decorations started at 1 and ended at 7, and everyone was welcome to decorate their class’s hallway. The seniors’ theme was jungle versus desert. The juniors chose the theme aliens versus astronauts. The sophomores decorated their hallway as fire versus ice, and freshmen did summer versus winter. And the ochos decorated their hallway as LSU versus Bama.  The seniors also started off junior senior war on Sunday by wrapping the juniors’ houses with toilet paper.  



Homecoming week started off on Monday with the theme of country vs country club. Students either dressed like a cowboy or as if they were coming back from the country club. Monday night was the night for juniors to hit seniors houses during the junior-senior war. 



Tuesday’s dress up theme was nursery home versus nursery rhyme. Students came to school dressed either as a baby or an old person in a nursing home. On Tuesday morning, court and the senior football players went to the River Ranch campus to let the preschool students out of their cars. Teacher games were played during break on Tuesday. The first game was musical chairs, and the remaining teachers split into two teams and played guess the baby food. The team that won that game split up into two teams again and played a game to see which team could launch the teacher the farthest in a red wagon. The final teacher game was between Mrs. Fournet and Mrs. Palmer. They were placed in wagons with pool noodles and a balloon on a football helmet, and when they were launched at each other, the first one to knock off the balloon was the winner. Mrs. Palmer won the teacher games becoming the ultimate teacher. During the evening on Tuesday, jv and varsity volleyball played games against Cathiloc High, and students got to dress in their best trash bag attire! Tuesday night was another night for seniors to hit the juniors’ houses! 



On Wednesday, students were either dressed as an athlete or a nerd, as the theme was athletes versus mathletes. The morning started off with See You at the Pole, where at all three campuses students made a circle around the flag poles at each campus and prayed. At break, at the SMP campus, ochos played the freshmen, and the sophomores played the juniors in powderpuff. The juniors ended up winning and making it to the finals to play the seniors on Thursday. Court, football, dance, and cheer teams went to the Downtown campus to attend downtown’s homecoming pep rally. Volleyball had a game against Rayne, and students got to dress in their best weather attire. Wednesday night was the juniors last night to wrap houses for junior senior war. 



Thursday started with students coming to school dressed in Hawaiian clothes or “biker” clothes because the dress up theme that day was surfers versus bikers. The concert was put on at break by the choir and music students. Nine songs were sung amazingly during the concert and while all of this was happening, the art students were painting two large paintings in the background. Later that night was the homecoming parade, where courts and every sport were on a float. They were driven through Sugar Mill Pond to the SMP campus all while throwing beads, footballs, cups, and other toys. As the parade came to an end, there was a jambalaya dinner and the powder puff championship game. The powder puff championship was between the juniors and seniors, and at halftime there was a performance from the male cheerleaders, and after half time, the seniors finished off the game by winning the game. Later that night was the last night for seniors to wrap the juniors house, and the end of junior senior war. 



The last day of Homecoming week, students dressed in their class colors. Seniors wore blue, juniors wore white, sophomores wore red, freshmen wore green, and ochos wore orange. At lunch, some of the class dads cooked burgers for the students to eat, then the pep rally started. After the pep rally court was presented, class games were played, Gator Jazz and cheer performed, and at the end of the pep rally, juniors were presented with the ultimate belt, winning Homecoming week. After the pep rally, students went home to get ready for the football game. Homecoming court processed onto the field in convertibles, and made their way to the stage while football was warming up and the student section was filling up. At half time, the court was presented, and Aubrey Womack won homecoming Queen and Hollyn Hebert won First Maid. The football team ended the night with a victory over West St. John! 



On Saturday, the festivities still had not come to an end yet. It is the day of the homecoming dance. The dance at school started at 8 and the theme of the dance was Great Gatsby. Homecoming week ended once the dance ended at 10 Saturday night.