Senior Spotlight: Madeleine Sorrell


Name: Madeleine Sorrell 

Grade Started at Ascension: 8th

Favorite Teacher: Mr. McClymont

Favorite Ascension Memory: Playing hide and seek in the gym during Instrumental Music 

Future Plans: Major in Aerospace Engineering or Physics 

Madeleine loves to spend her time trying out new things and being involved in as many activities as possible. One of her major passions is playing volleyball. She has played volleyball since fifth grade (she also played basketball during her sophomore year, only to quit because she claims she was really bad at it). She loves volleyball because it’s a fun team game, and “there’s no feeling that beats getting a kill or winning a match.” Another one of her passions is student leadership. Madeleine was the Spiritual Life Prefect last year, which placed her in charge of student-led chapels. This year, she is thrilled to be the Academic Prefect because she’ll be in charge of the Academic Pep Rally at the end of the school year, and she has promised that this year’s pep rally will “be the best one yet!” Some of her other passions are theater and music. She has played the piano for most of her life, and still plays for Acadiana Music Academy. She talked about how her Mimi, who played the organ at her church, really got her into it, and Madeleine describes playing the piano as a “very therapeutic thing for me. I don’t think I could live without it.” She has been involved in theater since fifth grade, and she thinks “it’s such an amazing process.” She is a member of CYT and has been in over twelve shows, both at CYT and Ascension. When asked about why she loves theater so much, Madeleine said, “I feel like it makes me more confident in who I am, and it’s just the best experience to work so hard for months and then finally have your friends and family come and watch you perform.”

Outside of extracurricular activities, Madeleine also has several random hobbies and passions that she enjoys in her free time. One thing that she really enjoys is reading. Though she hasn’t been reading very much recently, she is currently trying to read a 14-book series (she is still only on the first book). Another thing that she enjoys is watching lots of TV and movies. She said that she’s “on a journey to watch every Wes Anderson movie, and I’ve watched three so far.” Her family really enjoys watching shows together, and they spend their nights watching whatever new Marvel show is out. She also emphasized that her family is “very nerdy,” and their den is “littered with comic book posters and funko pops.” Outside of reading and watching shows, Madeleine is always trying new hobbies. Some of her newest hobbies include skateboarding, video games, making dreamcatchers, makeup, baking, playing the ukulele, and most recently, making smoothie bowls.