Senior Parking Spots!


One of the many senior privileges that the senior class has is painting their parking spots. At the end of junior year, rising seniors have a lottery to find out what spots they will be parking in for their last year at Ascension Episcopal School. Over the summer, the seniors spent many hours painting their spots. It does take a long time, but the result is rewarding since this is one of the many privileges that underclassmen look forward to. This year, Mr.Sorrell decided to have a competition for the person with the best parking spot. The winner received a $25 Fandango Movie Card. Here are some of the seniors’ spots! 

Zach Belle 

Zach won the Senior Parking Spot Dean’s List and a $25 movie gift card. He painted his spot as Squirt from Nemo.

SK West & Greta Leoni (combined spot) 

SK and I have planned to have a combined parking spot since our junior year. When SK found the picture of the tiger on Instagram, we decided to paint that on our spot because we want to be roommates at LSU. 

Tatum Landry 

Tatum decided to do splatter paint for her spot because she thought it would look cool and liked the idea of having multiple colors.

Meagan Huff 

Last year Meagan had a joke going around that she was a queen so she looked on Pinterest for ideas. She found a picture and decided to copy it on her senior spot. She also decided to spell “towed” as “toad” because she has dyslexia. 

Payton Musso 

Payton wanted a spot that would encourage her to smile more throughout the day. She said, “what would make me smile more than smiley faces.” 

Ella Dupuie

Ella mentioned the reason she incorporated Twilight into her senior spot was because she “thought it was funny.” 

Ana Brauns

Ana decided to paint her spot based off of a picture she found on Pintrest.

Olivia Pearson 

Olivia’s parking spot idea came to her as she was scrolling through Instagram and saw a picture she liked. She used it as an idea and created her spot based off of the picture. Olivia said, “I liked the colors and wanted to incorporate them into my senior spot.” 

Peyton Woodring 

Peyton decided to paint a bulldog on his spot because he is going kick at the University of Georgia next fall.