Senior Spotlight: Riley Liprie


Name: Riley Liprie

Grade Started at Ascension: 10th

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Jones, Mrs. Sorrell, and Mr. Sanford (they are all role models to Riley, always inspiring  her to do her best, making her laugh, and brightening her day)

Favorite Ascension Memory: playing at the Homecoming Concert

Future Plans: major in Psychology and double minor in Music and Business at Loyola

Riley Liprie is a really unique person that always strives to stand out, and she told me that this is largely due to rock music. Rock is her favorite genre of music, and she said that it “taught me to be myself and to not care about what others have to say about me.” She went on to say that it also taught her to be true to herself and not let anyone hurt her, and this really helped her accept herself for who she is. Riley said that music inspired her to play guitar and bass, and she really hopes that she will continue to play in the future because playing music makes her feel alive. Some of her favorite rock bands include Queen, Motley Crue, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Pink Floyd, and she loves using her ability to play guitar and bass to perform her favorite songs in order to brighten others’ days.