From Major to Minor: A Conclusion of Marvel Rankings


Now that I’ve written a ranking of the major characters in the MCU, I decided that I also wanted to rank my top 20 minor characters. This list consists of some characters so obscure that most people won’t know who they are, side characters that are memorable from a single movie, and even characters that are on their way to becoming major characters. Each of these characters sticks out to me in their own way, and each has thoroughly earned their spot on this list. 




  1. Korg
  • Korg is definitely on my list of favorite minor characters because he was so unexpected and unique, and he seems so far-fetched and weird for a Marvel character. He is this character made of rock, who makes rock-paper-scissors jokes, who tried to start a revolution but failed because he didn’t print enough pamphlets. It’s just such an outrageous character that it’s impossible not to love Korg. 
  1. Ian the Intern
  • I can guarantee that 99% of you don’t know who Ian the Intern from Thor: The Dark World is. Ian was Darcy Lewis’ intern, and he essentially just followed Darcy around for the entirety of the movie. I thought he was really funny because he was just this normal, boring guy that was thrown in the middle of Thor’s battle, and he remained this ordinary guy who didn’t really do anything throughout the movie. I enjoyed him because he reacted to things that Thor did like any normal person who wasn’t used to superheroes would, and he made me think about how random people would react to the Avengers. 
  1. Monica Rambeau
  • Monica Rambeau is an interesting character and I really enjoy watching her story, whether it’s when she’s a child in Captain Marvel or when she’s an adult in Wandavision. I love how much energy young Monica brought to Captain Marvel, and her love for Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) actually made me like Carol more. I also loved her role in Wandavision, as she fought to stop Wanda from hurting Westview while also trying to save Wanda from Hayward and the government. 
  1. Maya Lopez (Echo)
  • Maya Lopez is a newer character to the MCU, making her debut in Hawkeye. I really like Maya because she is an incredibly strong character that leads a mafia group while being both an amputee and completely deaf. I also really liked how she respected Clint throughout Hawkeye, how she would always listen to what he had to say and consider his explanations, and how she went out of her way to accommodate him because of his deafness (even though she had no obligation to accommodate her enemy). 
  1. Harley Keener
  • I really love Harley Keener, the kid who helps Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. Harley is this little kid that finds Tony Stark camping out in his garage and ends up helping Tony work through his PTSD and ultimately stop Aldrich Killian, the bad guy. I love Harley because he sasses Tony and talks back to him, but is also willing to help Tony with anything he needs. 
  1. The Warriors Three
  • The Warriors Three, Thor’s loyal group of allies, has always been a group that I loved, in both the Thor movies and superhero cartoons. This group consists of Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral, the latter of which has always reminded me of Robin Hood. I really enjoy these characters because they are always willing to help Thor, even when he’s doing something stupid, and they are always depicted as a really fun and rowdy group. 
  1. Darcy Lewis
  • I really enjoyed Darcy Lewis throughout the Thor movies, as she reacted to everything the way a normal person would. She was excited by the things she witnessed and blown away by the magic that she saw, and it was really refreshing to see a character that was in awe of spectacular things taking place in the MCU. Her role in Wandavision made me love her even more, as she became even more of a fangirl that really represented the fans over the course of the show. 
  1. Mobius
  • Mobius is a character that I was unsure about at first, but over the course of Loki, I grew to really like him. I like how he would bend the rules for Loki, and even though he seemed annoyed with Loki’s outrageous ideas, he would always hear Loki out and let him try his theories if he thought they were possible. In the end, he fought against everything that he thought he was created to maintain and stood against the only family he had ever known to support Loki and try to make the world a better place. 
  1. Gary
  • Gary is another character that I can almost guarantee that you don’t recognize. Gary is a character that was in only one scene in Iron Man 3, and he helped Tony Stark save the day. Gary was a huge Tony Stark fanboy, going far enough as to show Tony that he had a tattoo of Tony’s face on his arm, telling Tony that it was based off a doll that he made. Gary was starstruck after meeting Tony Stark, and Tony used his enthusiasm to convince Gary to help him stop the bad guys and save the day. I love Gary, and he makes me laugh so much when I rewatch this movie. 
  1. Jimmy Woo
  • Jimmy Woo, the FBI agent from Ant-Man and the Wasp and Wandavision, is on my list of favorite minor characters because of how amusing he was throughout his scenes. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, he was very interested in Scott (Ant-Man) and his ability to perform magic tricks, and he was shown later in the movie trying (and failing) to perform the same card trick. In Wandavision, he tries the same card trick, this time succeeding, and his magic journey really makes me laugh. 
  1. Peggy Carter
  • Peggy Carter is an amazingly strong character throughout the MCU, and I am always excited when I see that she’ll be in a Marvel movie. Peggy, though often considered just Steve Roger’s girlfriend, actually has her own show in which she fights evil and ends up co-founding SHIELD, and I really love watching her defy the odds in a time where the men in her field were determined to keep her down. 
  1. The Grandmaster
  • The Grandmaster, from Thor: Ragnarok, is a really memorable character that is more hilarious every time you watch. He brought such a light-hearted tone throughout this movie, and he is a completely different character from anything else that Marvel has done. 
  1. Luis, Dave, and Kurt
  • Luis, Dave, and Kurt provide some hilarious comic relief throughout Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Their dynamic is amazing, and they are so loyal to Scott, always willing to help him defeat the bad guy. Luis is an amazing friend, and his rambling is guaranteed to always improve your mood and leave you laughing. 
  1. Heimdall  
  • Heimdall is an underappreciated character that has been loyal to Thor for all three Thor movies, as well as Avengers: Infinity War. I really love Heimdall because he was willing to commit treason to help Thor in all three Thor movies, and he sacrificed his life to get Bruce Banner to safety and continue the fight against Thanos. Every time he appeared on screen, he was disobeying the crown to save people or help Thor protect others, and I really appreciate a character that is willing to break the rules for the greater good. 
  1. Helmut Zemo
  • Helmut Zemo is a really conflicting character for me because he was the bad guy in Captain America: Civil War who drove the Avengers apart, seriously hurt Bucky, and killed dozens of people, including the King of Wakanda (Black Panther’s father), but he was also a “good” guy in The Falcon and Winter Soldier, where he finally showed his personality and made himself really likable. In his first appearance, he was shown to be this cold and collected man whose only goal was to destroy the Avengers for something that I personally don’t think was their fault (he blamed them for the deaths of his wife, son, and father), but in his second appearance, he showed up to help Sam and Bucky catch terrorists in this fancy fur coat, had a sassy personality, and was honestly the comic relief for much of the show. 
  1. Pietro Maximoff  (Quicksilver)
  • Pietro Maximoff from Avengers: Age of Ultron is a character that sticks in my head, and I really wish that he would have survived this movie. I loved his personality, as well as his drive to protect his sister, Wanda. Although they were twins, Pietro spent the entire movie ensuring that Wanda was safe, and he always put her before himself and his safety. I also really respect him because of how he sacrificed his life to save Hawkeye and an innocent child, and his death was heartbreaking because of how much he and his sister loved each other. 
  1. Talos
  • I definitely did not expect to love any character from Captain Marvel, but I really did end up loving Talos, the Skrull that worked with Captain Marvel and Nick Fury to fight the Kree. He was a really unique character that was hilarious because of his lack of human knowledge, so he was this amazing shapeshifter while also being a clueless and lovable character. I also love his motivations in Captain Marvel, and I really appreciate that his entire goal was to just save his wife and child, instead of trying to provoke the enemy and fight. 
  1. Kate Bishop 
  • I absolutely love Kate Bishop, mostly because of how much of a die-hard Hawkeye fan she is. I am a huge fan of Hawkeye, and he was my favorite Avenger for many years (even when no one else thought he was cool). I adore that Kate, just like me, was so adamant that Hawkeye was an amazing superhero, and I really love how she stuck to her gut and never lost that sense of hero worship. She has an awesome personality, and I really love the sense of humor that she brought to the Hawkeye show. 
  1. Yelena Belova
  • Yelena Belova is in my top three because she is just a really fun and likable character that makes me smile every time she’s on screen. In Black Widow, she had the funniest lines and the most personality, and in Hawkeye she was such a wholesome and lovable character, especially throughout her friendship with Kate Bishop. Not only does she have the most unique personality, but she is also insanely talented and skilled, and I really appreciate that she is a character that can charm you, but also kill you if you mess with her. 
  1. Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
  • Matt Murdock is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and though I consider him a major character because he has his own show, he is technically a minor character in the MCU because he only appears for a single scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home. I had been waiting so long for Matt to be added to the MCU, and I actually gasped out loud in the theater when he appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home because I was so excited. He is an amazingly complex character, and I love his personality throughout Daredevil. He is an insanely talented fighter, and he is more skilled at fighting than most characters in the MCU while also being completely blind. 

**I have not added Moon Knight to either character ranking because only two episodes of his show have been released (at the time that I wrote this), but I encourage everyone to go and watch Moon Knight because the first episode was amazing.**