Senior Spotlight: Barett Matthew Hebert


Name: Barett Matthew Hebert

Grade Started At Ascension: 8th

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Rex Jones

Favorite Ascension Memory: Watching many, many movies in AAA with Ethan Diaz and Sophia Mury

Future Plans: To attend Baton Rouge Community College with the intent of majoring in Poultry Farming.

Barett Hebert came to Ascension Episcopal School, his 8th-grade year, from North Vermillion Middle School, where he concluded his 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade years. Here at Ascension, Barett has been a participant of Taco Bout Jesus, Boys to Men, Music Club, and currently, he’s in the Food Club. He is a constituent of our Blue Gator Baseball Team, playing positions such as first base and pitching, and he is a fellow player of our Ascension Football Team, playing positions such as right tackle and defensive end. 

Barett Hebert also has future plans of attending Baton Rouge Community College with the pursuit of playing in college ball. Barett has been passionate about the game since he was around the ages of four to five because the vigorous sport of baseball runs throughout his family. However, following Barett’s time at BRCC, he’s confident that he will enlist in the military. Many of Barett’s family members have served in the military, which is ultimately where his devotion to succoring came about. Also, in exchange for a service commitment, college fees, tuition, and other college expenses are financed, which is another substantial reason for Barett to enlist in the military. And last but certainly not least, Barett would like to thank Ascension Episcopal School for preparing him for his future endeavors.