2022 Cheerleading Tryouts


During the week of March 14th, Ascension held tryouts for the JV and Varsity cheer squads. The tryout clinics were on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the main tryouts were on Friday (3/18). During the mandatory clinics, the girls trying out were taught a cheer and a dance choreographed by the current Senior cheerleaders. The girls were also coached on kicks, jumps, and motion techniques. 

During the first day of tryout clinics (Tuesday), the girls started by warming up and practicing “gator kicks.” Gator kicks are traditionally used when the Blue Gators score a touchdown during the football game and are a predominant aspect of Friday Night Lights for the cheerleaders. The girls first learned the cheer and broke off into small groups to continue practicing it. When they came back together as a group, they learned the dance. At the end of the clinic, the girls were given the score sheets that the judges use on tryout day.  

The second day of tryout clinics (Wednesday) started off with the Senior cheerleaders showing off what tryouts look like. The girls then broke off into four stations where they spent 20 minutes at each station practicing the cheer, dance, and runouts. In the fourth station, the girls trying out were fitted for camp wear for next year. After the four stations were finished, the girls were told what to wear for tryouts on Friday. 

On tryout day (Friday), the girls met in the gym and performed the cheer and dance one last time. When it came time for the girls to try out, they spirited into the gym while showing off their tumbling skills. Then they performed the cheer and danced with a partner in front of the judges. The girls were judged on their runout and tumbling, cheer, dance, and overall impression. 

The 2022-2023 Varsity Squad is as follows: 

  • Abbie Hebert 
  • Annie Boudreaux 
  • Aubrey Jones 
  • Aubrey Womack 
  • CC Perry 
  • Ella Grace Hebert 
  • Ellie Hulin 
  • Emmy Leblanc 
  • Gabriella Zepeda 
  • Greta Leoni 
  • Hollyn Hebert 
  • Jeanne Claire Franques 
  • Josie Bourgeois 
  • Lauren Roth 
  • Linden Musso 
  • Mamie Mendell 
  • Reagan Adania 
  • Sarah Katherine West 

The 2022-2023 JV Squad is as follows: 

  • Aria Van Way 
  • Coco Dupre 
  • Julia Ellis 
  • Noelle Kates