You Will Never Amount To Anything By Maxie Baudoin IV


Those words were thrown at me countless times throughout my life. Neither of my parents graduated from high school, so I was forced to watch my parents take numerous odd jobs. My parents, grandparents, and aunts worked hard just to be able to afford nice things for my siblings, my cousins, and me. This motivated me to be different and become better than the environment that I grew up in. I wanted to be the person who ended the streak of poverty in my family because I was tired of seeing my family struggle. I wanted to prove that I am more than a product of my environment or just another statistic and, most importantly, one day be able to take care of my family. 

Sports have been a major part of my life since I was younger because it allowed me to escape the reality around me, and I was able to focus my time on something positive. Being able to play sports has opened many doors for me that most likely would have not been possible. Throughout my career I have met many lifelong friends, made connections, and learned in a positive environment. The feeling of being able to escape my reality for even a brief moment was amazing because I was witnessing people who I grew up with kill each other. I was blessed enough to be strong willed and not slip off the path that I was headed down because others from my city were not as lucky as me.

Multiple curveballs have been thrown at me throughout my life, but a major one came just recently when I switched schools. I was coming from a predominantly Black school where everyone looked liked me and came from similar situations as me, to a predominantly white school where I stuck out like a sore thumb and no one could relate to me in the slightest bit. I was very hesitant about making the switch because I didn’t want to leave my friends and go to a completely new place, but I knew deep down inside that I would have to make the switch to become the best person that I could become and accomplish my goals. My first couple of months at Ascension were awkward because I had always been a part of the majority, but I quickly became the minority. This was the biggest decision I had ever made in my life up to this point, but it was the right decision because most teachers and students have helped me in many different ways like helping me grow my character and become an overall better person.

My second year at Ascension I was faced with another challenge, I was struggling to find transportation to and from school. Then the Remondet family with open arms offered me transportation and a place to live… me, Maxie, a random black kid who goes to school with their son that they hardly knew. During the time I was living at their house, we became family, we went on trips together and shared many great memories. The Remondet family affected me in more ways than they know. They showed me a new perspective of life; they showed me the nice things I could have through hard work and dedication.

I contribute most of my success to my family, friends, and coaches. My grandmother and mother motivated me the most because I want to see them in better conditions and no longer have to worry about anything. My aunt taught me how to be independent because she was able to work a job, raise a family, and get a degree while helping out others. My cousin Brandon Mitchel challenged me everyday on and off the field to be better than him and to get the most out of my opportunities. I can also thank two of my fellow teammates, Matt Remondet and Clay Ancelet, for pushing me past my limits everyday during football and workouts. I am just beginning my journey. I am determined to prove that I am better than my environment, and I am more than simply a statistic.

I always heard the expression “it takes a village to raise a child,” never really understanding it. However, as I grew older I started to realize what the true meaning was. I am thankful for everyone who became a part of my village because they helped me mature and grow over the years. I was taught how to be a hard worker with the help of coaches and friends. My teachers taught me to be responsible and reach my full potential. My family taught me to see the brighter side of things and remain hopeful. Ultimately, because of this strong foundation, I am now ready to achieve greatness.