Journalism At AES


Mr. Shome is a really chill teacher, and he is nice.

You can control what photos go into the yearbook and make sure there aren’t any bad photos of you.

Mr. Shome uses cool slang, such as hashtag boom fetch, have a very slapping day, capping, sheesh, shoosh, and he also knows about the artist, “bull-pit” (Pitbull).

The class lets you practice your communication skills.

Journalism helps you to strengthen your writing skills.

The class gives you more opportunities to practice your grammar.

The class exhibits a fun and positive environment.

It looks really good on your college resume to have additional writing experience in addition to your English classes.

It helps you to grow and be more of a team player.

Along with doing group work, you also have individual work that you can customize.

It enriches your  knowledge and helps you grow as a person.

Mr. Shome lets you borrow books.

Designing the yearbook is fun.

You can design the cover for the yearbook.

This class helps you practice time management.

Mr. Shome plays the Minecraft soundtrack as background music while we work.

The classroom has a lot of natural light.

There is a sense of camaraderie in the class.

The upperclassmen are good role models and have a good impact on the younger students.

Mr. Shome gives us chewy bars or chocolate sometimes.

If you ever need help, your classmates are always there for you.

We can listen to music in class while we work.

The class always has interesting conversations.

You have creative liberty in the yearbook.

We get life advice from Mr. Shome.

We all share life experiences that have happened to us.

We all come from different walks of life, but we are united through journalism.

We all encourage each other when we need to write better and offer constructive criticism.

You can write about whatever you want as long as it’s appropriate.

There is a golf club behind Mr. Shome’s desk, and it adds to the decor.