Senior Spotlight: Kelly Vigé


Name: Kelly Vigé

Grade Started at Ascension: Sophomore

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Poynot

Favorite Ascension Memory: Bringing my horse to school

Future Plans: Pro Barrel Racing

Kelly Vigé came to Ascension her sophomore year, and she has been one of the most outgoing, fun people you will ever meet. While being at this school, she has participated in the 4H Club and the Food Club. What she has looked forward to as an underclassman was being able to leave for lunch. Now, she loves having that privilege. Her favorite place so far has been Twin’s. Her advice to the underclassmen is “parking spots in the senior parking lot do not matter, you all end up sitting in one vehicle anyways”. This is true for Kelly as you may know she did not paint her spot–it is still the person’s from last year. 

However, outside of school, Kelly enjoys hanging out with her friends. She loves horseback riding and barrel racing. Her family has owned a horse ranch before she was born, so she was made for it. Her first riding lesson was not on her family’s ranch, but at a riding school in Youngsville. Lastly, a fun fact about Kelly is she cannot stand the cold weather, anything under 60 degrees.