Senior Spotlight: Gracie Ann Babineaux


Name: Gracie Babineaux

Grade Started at Ascension: 9th Grade

Favorite Teacher: Coach Matt Desormeaux

Favorite Ascension Memory: Big Cheese performing the “shoot” dance to “Minecraft On My Mind” for all of Mrs. P’s Class.

Future Plans: To attend either Louisiana State University or The University of Alabama to major in Psychology with the intention of becoming a child psychiatrist.

Gracie Babineaux has been a participant of Food Club, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), Beads for Needs, Truth, Facts, and Lies, Beta Club, Journalism, Leadership, Lifeteen, and YoungLife, and she is our Varsity Cheer Captain. Before transferring to Ascension, Gracie knew that she wanted to surround herself with individuals who wanted to be surrounded by her and welcome her with open arms for who she is as a person. So, when she toured Ascension, she immediately knew it was exactly where she was supposed to be, so it was the easiest decision. Gracie truly believes that Ascension has shaped her into the woman she is today, and she believes that this school inspires her to be gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave. Though it hasn’t always been easy, everything she has learned during her years at Ascension is completely unforgettable! 

Ever since Gracie’s first day of cheer practice, freshman year, she’s always felt so appreciated and included by her fellow teammates. Being a fairly new student, in general, is quite a struggle, but it is significantly more difficult during high school. However, Gracie has been able to create lifelong friendships while playing the very sport that she loves. Being selected as captain of the Varsity Cheer Squad has been such an honor, and she continues to cherish every second of it. Gracie loves each and every one of the coaches and the girls who have made her job so much easier and more pleasant! Also, Gracie wants to thank her parents for giving her the opportunity and the support to ease her transition from St. Pius to Ascension Episcopal School. She spends 99% of her time with her family, so she can only imagine how much of an impact they have had on her life. Her mom, Missy Babineaux, is her role model; her dad, Chad Babineaux, is her biggest inspiration; her brother, Nick Babineaux, is her all-time cheerleader, and her sister, Ellie Babineaux, is her partner in crime.