Senior Spotlight: Savannah Simon


Name: Savannah Simon

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 3

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Jones

Favorite Ascension Memory: Blessing of the Pets

Future Plans: Majoring in Psychology and seeing what happens after that

Savannah Simon is the founder of the Jewelry Club, and she enjoys making jewelry at school as well as in her free time. She started making jewelry this past summer after a trip to New Orleans with her mom. She said, “my mom used to have a small jewelry business when she was in college, so I already knew a bit about making jewelry, but when I started, I fell in love with it.” She began using her mom’s old beads as well as beads bought in New Orleans and made her first necklace in the car on the way home from their trip. So far, she has made over one hundred pieces of jewelry for either herself or to sell at school to her friends and classmates, and she has a small business starting up so she can make jewelry for more people to help fund her work. Savannah feels that “when making jewelry, you have to have a certain eye, to see what would look good as a necklace or bracelet while the beads are in the store, and I think that’s a good skill to have in life: being able to see the good with the bad.” Savannah started the Jewelry Club to help others channel their creativity and find a new passion, and she hopes that others can be as inspired by jewelry making as she was.