Senior Spotlight: Elise Noelle Cope


Name: Elise Cope

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 3

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Shome Dasgupta

Favorite Ascension Memory: When she stole the crab cracker and crab mallet in Gloucester, Massachusetts, from the Blue Collar Lobster Company seafood restaurant in eighth grade. It’s still something she remembers and wonders why she felt the need to take it in the first place. 

Future Plans: To attend Texas Christian University or The University of Mississippi while studying fashion journalism and partaking in Greek life. 

Elise Cope has been at Ascension Episcopal School her whole entire life and strongly believes she couldn’t have done it without her best friend, Catherine Poole. Elise and Catherine have known each other since birth, so they have pretty much been through it all, thick and thin, ups and downs, good times and bad. While being here at Ascension, Elise has created long-lasting bonds with her fellow senior classmates and many students in grades below her, as well. Elise says, “The simple fact that I know everyone in my grade and almost everyone at my school, as a whole, is quite a comforting feeling and something not many people can say. Ascension’s faculty and staff give such hands-on attention to all of their students so they can succeed and thrive in their learning environment while having the access, availability, and potential to grow academically and as human beings.” As it’s her final year at Ascension, her advice to the underclassmen would be to “get involved as much as possible because I wish I would’ve more throughout my high school career. Getting involved creates a sense of togetherness and can big time ease the transition from Middle School to High School.”

She intends to study fashion journalism, which isn’t just writing about clothes but also entails fashion design, fashion media, communications, and an interconnected journalistic class. Her dream is to work for Vogue, focusing on beauty coverage, celebrity styles, and various fashion show reviews. In Elise’s free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. However, when she gets into her element, you can most likely find her shopping around town. Most of the time she’s shopping to compile an outfit for an event, styling a friend, getting inspiration for all the new seasonal trends that are becoming popular, or doing some damage via online shopping, which she feels can become a bit of an issue. Her go-to outfit would have to either be a mini dress with a possible puff sleeve and sneakers or a bike short workout set, in honor of one of her idols, the late Princess Diana, with a leather blazer and a baseball cap, which has been her jam as of recent. Elise is sassy and spunky, but she’s also an outgoing and warm person, and there may be one thing you don’t know about her. She’s an absolute beast when it comes to the discontinued video game, Guitar Hero!