Senior Spotlight: Graci Hargrave

Image Credit: Graci Hargrave

Image Credit: Graci Hargrave

Name: Graci Hargrave

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 4

Favorite Teacher: Rev. Kennedy! or Mrs. Roberts

Favorite Ascension Memory: “In kindergarten we went to the zoo, and the zookeeper let me hold the baby alligator and straddle a big alligator. Very wholesome day. Being in philosophy was super fun too. Everyone should take that class.”

Future Plans: To go to college and to doctor in psychology or become an attorney

When Graci was in kindergarten, her class went to the Zoo of Acadiana, and the zookeepers asked for a volunteer. At this point in her life, Graci was pretty upset because she had NEVER been chosen for anything before. The fact that she was chosen makes this day her favorite Ascension memory. She says it was, “one of the most wholesome days of my life,” as a matteroffact. Shoutout to Mrs. Kimi, Graci’s mom, for telling her to put this day. Her favorite class here at Ascension is Philosophy because it taught her a lot about the real world and how to argue. It solidified her love for a healthy debate, helping her make the decision to pursue a law degree in college.