You Would CoreLUV this trip


The orphan crisis is continually growing as 99% of orphans will never get adopted. This means that out of the orphan population of 153,000,000, only 250,000 children get adopted per year, accounting for 1% of the orphans. In Haiti, an organization named Coreluv was founded primarily to provide children with the basic needs (food, clean water, loving home, education, healthcare, etc)  and to bring forward the Core”love” of Jesus Christ to these orphans. Wilson, as a child, was taken into the Coreluv program because he was in desperate need of a home. His mother fed him bleach and left him at the river bed to die. Although relatives prayed for him, they were unable to provide the necessary protection and care he needed; but God had a different plan for his life. Not only did he survive, God placed him in the Coreluv family in Myan, Haiti, where he would be loved and cared for as every child should be.

One of our fellow seniors Kami Allen partnered with Coreluv, a Haitian orphan organization, for the service trip coming up this spring. She recently spoke to the SMP student body about the details of the trip and the amazing opportunity it will be. The purpose of the trip is to assist Haitian orphans in their everyday activities and help around the orphanage. On the trip, during the day, the students will be completing Coreluv’s service projects with the orphanage which includes renovations, remodeling, cleaning the children’s village, and cleaning the guest house. In the afternoons, they will spend their time time with the kids consisting of sports camps, walks to collect a fruit, called kenép, and bible studies along with crafts.

Asking Kami how she feels about spreading the luv of Coreluv, she says, “this service trip means so much to me because it is my two worlds colliding. those kids mean everything to me and have truly changed my life for the better. I couldn’t imagine my life without those trips or my internship and it is so exciting to know that I will get to share my experience with others.”  Kami can’t wait to see how much it will impact the students taking part in the service trip while giving back to such an amazing community of people.

Today, if you visit Myan, you will see that Wilson has grown into a beautiful little boy. On Kami’s past Coreluv service trip, she said that “his adventurous spirit has him chasing other children around the orphanage and venturing further and further from his crib, discovering the world around him.” From Coreluv, these children have access to many necessities that they wouldn’t have in their Hatian village.