New Teachers On The Block (Part 2)

New Teachers On The Block (Part 2)

Hollyn Duay, Staff Writer

Name: Rachael Futch

Years Teaching: 7 1/2 years

What they Teach: Science

Favorite Activity to do in Science: Their ecology projects

I interviewed Mrs. Futch, a new science teacher here at Ascension. She came from Ursuline Academy which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the main things that made Mrs. Futch come to Ascension was that her husband got a job in the area. She has been teaching for seven and a half years and has always taught science. When I asked Mrs. Futch what sets Ascension apart from other schools, she said, “y’all seem to have a really good community here.” In Mrs. Futch’s science class one of her favorite things to do would be the projects they will do outdoors for their ecology projects. The best piece of advice she gives to students is to not procrastinate and to stay on top of your school work. Mrs. Futch told me, “The hardest things about switching to a new school is getting accustomed to the flow of things”; however, she really enjoys getting to know everyone. At Ascension we use technology a lot, so I asked Mrs. Futch if she liked using technology. She responded by saying, “ I like technology at times and no technology at other times.” She likes pencil and paper when it comes to notes, but she believes it is also important to know how to responsibly use technology. Mrs. Futch is very excited for her first year at Ascension, and cannot wait to see what it has in store!

Name: Karissa Sorrell

Years Teaching: 19 years

What they Teach: English

Favorite Activity to do in English: Discussion and interactive activities

Mrs. Sorrell moved to Ascension from Glencliff High School in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the main reasons Mrs. Sorrell moved to Ascension was because her husband, Mr. Sorrell, works here. She has been teaching for nineteen years, and she loves it. When I asked Mrs. Sorrell what made her decide to become a teacher, she said, “I wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people.” If she could not be a teacher, she would want to be a writer. Before Mrs. Sorrell taught English at Ascension, she taught English as a second language, and before that she taught all languages at an elementary school. After I asked Mrs. Sorrell what set Ascension apart from other schools her response was, “Ascension has a smaller feel to it. It is more like a family where everyone knows each other. I enjoy working with the ascension students many of them are motivated to do well.” The best advice Mrs. Sorrell says she has been given as a teacher is that building relationships with students and letting them know you care is very important. The hardest part about switching to a new school for Mrs. Sorrell is learning all the details, like the schedule and grade book. Her thoughts on technology was that she likes using computers for essays because it is less paper to deal with and is easier to put grades into google classroom. Mrs. Sorrell could not be happier for her first year at Ascension, and for all the exciting things throughout the year!