Journalism’s Day Out!


Darbi Gonsoulin , Staff Writer

Every school year the journalism class takes a day to learn the ins and outs. What are the in’s and out’s? Well, these are how to properly work programs, take high-quality photographs, and design a great layout for the yearbook, along with how to obtain resources and communicate with staff and peers for information and photos. This year the staff started off their day by meeting up at Meche’s to fuel up their brains for the workshop. Once fueled, they made their way to Lafayette Public Library in Broussard. 

The workshop started with former Ascension parent and current Ascension employee Marilyn Lee giving a talk on photos and what looks best in the yearbook. Mrs. Lee said to the journalism staff, “In my opinion, a picture is worth a thousand words…And I think the best way to show life at Ascension is not through not words but through pictures.” She went on to show us some of her favorite pictures throughout the yearbooks for Ascension. One major one to note is in the 2017 yearbook of alumni Austin Arceneaux dumping the Gatorade jug on Head Coach Matt Desormeaux. The staff also had the pleasure of hearing from Mrs. Emily Vanderlick, Social Media Head, and Mrs. Katherine McCormick, Associate Head of School for External Affairs, on other aspects of the yearbook. 

From there, the journalism staff took the Jostens Yearbook Pledge. This pledge states the yearbook and journalism staff goal for the year to have every student appear in the yearbook at least three times. After, it was only fitting that the staff worked on creating their first spread by critiquing past yearbooks. Junior Claudia Jones said, “I was really excited to start working on the spread, but once I started working on it I didn’t realize how many rules there were. I am a bit nervous to be working on it because I do want it to look good, and our goal for this year is to make this year’s yearbook better than last year. They set the bar pretty high but I truly am excited to work on the yearbook.”