Things to do with Your Life: Spring Break


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Most people don’t know how to properly use their weeks off of school. Besides spending time with your families and the presence of Christ for Easter, you have to engage your week with fun-filled activities and stress-detoxing climates.

Junior Jack Bradley says, “I quite love spring break. I especially love going to church two times in one weekend, on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, and spending Easter Sunday with my Napervillian friends and family for a giant Illinois get-together gone south.” Several others embrace Christ, much like Jack, over Easter break. Junior Marielissa Perez says, “I enjoy volunteering at local youth recreational centers to bring my love for Christ to them in any way I can.” Junior Bryce Douglas says, “I love spending quality time celebrating God’s son who gave me the chance to live life purely! I look forward to Easter Sunday and the Latin mass on Good Friday!”

Besides spending your weekend worshipping, you can spend your week doing other fun-filled activities. Some of these activities include:

  • mini golfing
  • hanging with your bros
  • catching up on schoolwork
  • going see the new Avengers movie
  • email your favorite teacher memes
  • having a girls/guys night
  • going to the movies
  • going to NOLA because that place is just great
  • etc.

Many people are advocating for a fun-filled break. Junior Emmie Gage says, “I love doing fun things with my friends!” Also advocating for a good time is junior Piper Blancher saying, “Spring break is a chance to get a sneak peek at summer and spend some much needed, stress-free time with family and friends.”

Some people are too overwhelmed to feel like they’ll even have a break. Senior Elise Juneau says, “Over break, I have to write two research papers, a capstone, and study for a math test. Therefore I will not have a break over the ‘break’.”

Regardless of what you’re doing this break, please be safe and careful.