What To Get Your Teachers For Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher appreciation week is right around the corner which means it is time to shower our teachers that do so much for us with gifts and love. Now, I have never been a teacher nor do I plan to be, but I am pretty sure that dealing with a whole bunch of hormonal teenagers all the time is hard work. It is an underpaid, underappreciated, emotional, and selfless job that deserves so much praise than is given. Teachers love receiving any gift from a student; it really makes them feel like they are doing a good job when a student goes out of their way to give them anything. This said, I feel like that giving teachers any more markers, DIY mason jars, totes, mugs, or lotion is just overkill. If you really want to show your teachers your appreciation, get them a gift that they will utilize. If you have no idea what your teacher likes because they are a robot in class and have no personality or you just suck at gift giving, I got you. I talked to the teachers and compiled this list of things to get your teachers that they might use.


Teachers love to receive food of any kind. They just kind of don’t have any time to make that brownie mix you put in a cute mason jar for them. Find out what your teacher’s favorite food or baked good is and take some time to make it or buy it for them. They spend countless hours doing stuff for us so why not spend an hour baking them some brownies or spend like $5 buying some. A hungry teacher is a cranky teacher and no one wants that. Do everyone a favor and get them some food or candy.


Gift Cards

Bros, teachers love gift cards. Like if you don’t know what to get your teacher but you want them to like you a little bit more, get them a gift card. They can spend it on whatever they want and they can save their precious teacher dollars on something more important in their lives. I would recommend Amazon, VISA, Barnes and Noble, Target, or some other gift card to a place you know your teacher will love. Does not have to be a $100 gift card (though I think the teacher would love you forever) just a little something to show you care. Every teacher I spoke to about what they would like to receive said gift cards, so play it safe and get a gift card. Ask them where they like to shop and do it. Make your teacher smile.


Their favorite beverage

Dealing with us is a lot of work so maybe get your mom to go get your teacher their favorite beverage and give it to them as a thank you for dealing with you. Something to take the edge of teaching off, like a nice herbal tea. If you see your teacher drinking a BANG every morning, buy them a few and call it a day. If you know they drink it, get it. It’s a simple gift that shows you pay attention to what they like and it is something that you know will be used.


A Massage or Manicure

Word on the street is teachers are not getting massages this Teacher Appreciation Week. Get together with your classmates and friends and all chip in to give your teacher something they definitely need and will use. Being a teacher is stressful, and if you got your teacher a massage you could get some MAJOR brownie points, just saying those go a long way. If you don’t want to splurge for a massage, get them a gift certificate to a nail place where there could get a manicure and relax. Any gift that you give your teacher that requires them to relax is a good one.


A Handwritten Note

Along with gift cards, every teach said there is nothing they love more than receiving a heartfelt note from a student. Teachers love hearing that they are doing a good job and are not screwing up the youth of America. It takes 5 minutes to write a letter to your teacher you appreciate them for something they have done for you. The teachers here at Ascension go above and beyond what is required of them to help a student, so write them a letter to show it does not go unnoticed. The best gifts come from the heart people, they will most likely remember your note or letter way more than the coffee mug someone else got them.