Ascension 2019-2020 Cheer Tryouts


Image Credit: Mallory Lyons

This past Monday and Tuesday, March 11 and 12, Ascension seventh graders through juniors competed for spots on the 2019-2020 Varsity and JV Cheerleading squads. Girls met in the gym Monday and Tuesday to learn the tryout dance and cheer, in which they would perform cheer (by themselves) and dance (with a partner) in front of three SPiCE All-Star Cheerleading coaches on Thursday, March 14.

With the help of current seniors, tryout participants worked hard to make sure every move was sharp and every word was exclaimed. On Monday, the girls spent forty-five minutes rehearsing the dance and another forty-five minutes practicing the cheer. Then on Tuesday, the girls worked in groups on their jumps, tumbling, cheer, run out, add dance. Coach Andrea and Mrs. Bourque both said they saw, “a great improvement over the two days and cannot wait to coach these girls,” while junior Lauren Franques stated, “Tryouts are a fun time to get to know the girls who are new to both squads and to spend some quality time with returning cheerleaders.” The girls then picked their numbers for tryouts and headed out on their way to prepare for Thursday. Come Thursday, a group of thirty-five nervous teens met in the gym foyer to await their turn to show the judges what they’ve got.

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Varsity Cheer squad (in alphabetical order):

  • Audrey Abshire
  • Gracie Babineaux
  • Piper Blancher
  • Olivia Bradley
  • Estelle Broussard
  • Meghan Colomb
  • Katherine Crochet
  • Isabella Cumberland
  • Anna Grace Franques
  • Lauren Franques
  • Emma Gautreau
  • Hollyn Hebert
  • Claudia Jones
  • Ava Lejeune
  • Lauren Liprie
  • Jessica Matt
  • Josie McBride
  • Catherine Poole
  • Faith Robinson
  • Autumn Romero
  • Blair Richard
  • Kylie Touchet
  • Virginia Vascocu
  • Aubrey Womack

And another congratulation to the 2019-2020 JV Cheer squad (also in alphabetical order):

  • Reagan Adania
  • Alexandra Bernard
  • Mia Dardar
  • Jeanna Claire Franques
  • Leah Franques
  • Emily Menard
  • Mamie Mendell
  • Linden Musso
  • Peyton Musso
  • Ammiel Simms
  • Sandi Su
  • Josie Vige