The Importance of Student-Faculty Friendship


Photo Credit: Piper Blancher

Piper Blancher, Co-Editor

“At Ascension, we have the unique opportunity to not only learn from our teachers but to have relationships that go beyond the classroom and have a lasting impact!” – Junior Marielissa Perez

Ascension Episcopal School is known for being a unique environment for students and teachers alike. Here at Ascension, students are given the opportunity to build a relationship with their teachers that extends past the classroom and into their everyday lives. Countless students are fortunate enough to not only call their teachers their mentors and their friends.

Teachers are also thankful to have such an opportunity because it truly allows them to connect to students on a personal level. By connecting to their students in such a way, teachers are given a more accurate understanding of the lives of their students. This helps teachers to better gauge how students behavior and performance in class. Assistant Dean of Students Courtney Robert stated, “A friendship means mutual respect and caring, while a student-friend relationship is still important. Personally, I believe my success as a teacher is because I find a way to let my students know I care and respect them so then they reciprocate [the feeling].”

This unique quality of student-teacher relationships also gives Ascension a leg up on other schools. Many students choose Ascension of its lax atmosphere and pursuit to make sure students thrive. In my two years at Ascension, I have never heard someone say how much they hate coming to school, and that says a lot for Ascension. Students and faculty across all three campuses have embodied what it truly means to be a family.