100 Days


Charles Hines

Junior Class Picture

Emma Billeaud, Staff Writer

Mr. Sorrell emailed the 2019 senior class Tuesday morning.  His email said that seniors only have 100 days left until graduation and that we should enjoy the rest of it, including our parents. Mr. Sorrell also added that we should work hard during these last 100 days. We got this!

While being an Ascension student for nine years, I really got to understand the Ascension community and I will miss it tremendously. Ascension has taught my classmates and I about gentleness, generosity, truthfulness, kindness, and bravery. Ascension has also taught me great life qualities, including working hard in the classroom and showing love and understanding towards others. Senior Grace Darnall says, “Ascension taught me how to be a leader.”

I will forever be grateful for Ascension and the great impact it had on me. Thank you teachers and staff for making Ascension truly amazing during the time Class of 2019 was here. Senior Sean-Micheal Brady says “I’ve learned so many life lessons from Ascension that I can use down the road.”