The Softball Retreat was a HIT

It is time to break out the sunflower seeds and get excited about the softball and baseball season. To ease into a great season, the softball team took an exciting trip to Cypremort Point. This was the best experience for the team to bond before the season starts. The team lost 6 seniors to last year’s graduating class but gained many new faces on the field. The current seniors, Elise Juneau, Hailey Young, Madison Heydari and Bella Santillo gained two new senior players to help them lead the team, Grace Loos and Olivia Renard.

The returning seniors gave their story of what softball means to them as well as some inspiring words for the new players to get excited about the season. All the seniors enjoyed revealing Big Sis Little Sis after all the fun day activities. Throughout the day, the team bonded over making fun necklaces and keychains, cooking, watching movies and just hanging out on the couch. This was the best bonding experience to have before the season started because there are already funny memories to look back on with the team.

This retreat was planned strictly by the players, from the prediction of cost from each player to buying the groceries expected to be cooked. Senior Hailey Young said, “It was a lot of work to prepare for, [senior] Elise [Juneau] and I got groceries for about four hours at four different stores, but it was a lot of fun.” The players enjoyed cooking dinner and breakfast for the entire team and watching the sunset from the pier. There are seniors and 8th graders that talk in the hallways during school hours, and people within their same grade have gotten to know each other better. After the retreat, sophomore Maggie Boudreaux said, “I enjoy this team and they bring me happiness when I’ve had a hard day.” The team has intentions of doing another retreat like this and maybe even two more.