Freaky Friday: Behind the Curtains


Photo Credit: Grace Darnall

Grace Darnall , Contributing Author

This past week was show week for Freaky Friday, and it was as crazy as one can imagine. Everyone was excited to see this show finally come together, especially since it involved months of hard work. Though some people were talking about how exhausting it was to do the musical, in the end everything was worth it. Homework was put on pause, tests were only half studied for, and students were checking in or out of school. I’m sure people noticed that each time someone said, “you got this” or “I got this,” someone would start singing, “I got this, I got this.” We just can’t help it!

The two leads of this year’s musical were senior Ronni High, who played Katherine, and sophomore Ashtyn Raxsdale, who played Ellie. Junior Emma Guidry played Hannah and sophomore Lola Sullivan played Gretchen. They made the crowd laugh several times during the show. Senior Catherine Anderson played the role of Savannah, and senior Ben Tyrrell played Adam, also known as the list master. Junior Tod Dore played Michael, and he made everyone tear up while singing “Vows,” while eighth grader Michael Leblanc played Fletcher, and he instantly made the audience love him. Everyone was outstanding! Each character was perfectly casted and they all did such an incredible job.

Those who went to see the first show noticed the hour glass shattered all over the stage. Some people think that was supposed to happen, but no that was not supposed to happen. The first show wasn’t the only show that had a few things gone wrong, but sometimes the mistakes just make the show even more funny. You could tell by the last performance that everyone was sleep deprived. If you went to the seven o’clock show on Saturday, you got to experience Emma Guidry falling straight down and making a loud thud on stage. Then in ACT II, I was trying to fake fall and then I ended up actually falling making another loud thud on the stage. Also, I was dancing in the audience during “Busted” when I lost balance and ran into someone sitting down. After the show, everyone saw a video of junior Emily Brown  running backstage and also falling down. We will never forget this, especially since we have a lot of videos to remind us. It’s actually funny how the audience just sees a very relaxed environment while watching the show, but backstage there is so much going on.

There were five characters known as Savannah’s minions, and they were mainly seen as dancers. Little did the audience know that four out of five of them were injured. Senior Elise Juneau was practicing a dance when she sprained her ankle backstage. I asked her if she felt like she missed out on anything since her injury, and she answered, “I am very proud that I did my best to perform the last show on Saturday. We were told that the last show was by far the best, and I got to be a part of it.” There were conspiracies going around about why only Savannah’s minions were getting hurt, but nothing was proven… yet. Let’s just say there were a lot of tears behind the curtains.

Junior Emily Roberts moved to Ascension this year, and she is most known for playing Danielle in the musical. Aside from that, she choreographed some of the dances. She said, “I learned so much from Kallie and how the artistic side of theater works! It was definitely eye opening.” I asked what her favorite dance was, and she responded with, “”Busted”, because it was so upbeat and fun!” I can agree that “Busted” was the dance that everyone got into including the audience. 

All in all this was a great experience, and everyone was so sad to see it come to an end. Ms. Kallie had everyone come up and tell the seniors how much they mean to them, and tears were going down everyone’s faces (along with their stage makeup). Nothing was as bad as when we had to clean out the dressing room. It looked like we got fired from a job, because everyone was packing up their boxes with very sad faces. The next morning, we were all texting in our group chat about how much we already missed it! The curtain is now closed, but the family bond is always going to be there along with the tears, laughter, and music left on the stage. It all started with just one day in auditions, where we told ourselves we’ve got this, and it ended up being the start to something both freakishly impressive and extraordinary. I mean hey what do you expect? It’s Freaky Friday!