Written Homework Affects Students’ Academic Performance?

Emma Billeaud, Staff Editor

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, researchers have found that after four hours of homework every week, the extra work does not have an effect on academic performance. This study means that an abundant amount of written school work does not have a huge benefit on the student. Since students are already learning multiple different types of academic material, teachers should limit students’ written work. This would help students markedly; this would help lower teenagers’ stress and they can spend more time with family and friends. Most importantly, limiting written school work can help teenagers manage their study time.

Every student is guilty of procrastinating, even I am. If students didn’t have a considerable amount of written busy work, they could have the opportunity to manage their time with studying and keeping up with the academic material. Once again, this can improve test scores, overall grades, and more students can participate in the classroom because they have studied. Students have said that too much busy work takes away from their study time and time at home. It is important to have homework so students can reflect on what they learned that day. It becomes a problem when students have so much homework, they barely have time for after school activities or time with family.

A couple students said this about the written homework issue. Senior Sophia Boatright says, “I have so much practice that when I go to do homework I’m so focused on the written part. I don’t give myself time to actually study.” Many students have been overwhelmed with written work; students focus on what is due the next day rather than studying the material they are learning. Senior Elena Harris says, “Especially for athletes, having to do a lot of written work for homework takes up a lot of time that I don’t always have and I feel like I never have enough time to finish everything.” In conclusion, written homework should be reduced in order for students to have more time to study, spend time with friends and family, as well as giving students the opportunity to manage their study time more wisely.