First Quarter Teacher Comments

Tis’ the season for teacher comments and report cards. The time where your parents celebrate or complain about the comments your teachers have left for you at the bottom on your report card. The end of the first quarter is a time of reflection, a time to look back on what you did, good and or bad. Sometimes, as students, we also need to give a little feedback to the teachers, so they know how to make our school year better and improve our everyday life. So, keeping in the spirit of teacher comments I gathered up some of Ascension’s most opinionated students and gave them a chance to express their opinions in the form of a teacher comment. All in good fun, here we go with Ascension’s first quarter teacher comments.

Austin Arceneaux’s comment for Coach Jill

Jill, this first quarter in World geography we have covered the topic of “eggriculture”, learned about “megma”, and other topics relating to World Geography. Among these topics, we have also learned that students can be quite “eggravating” in your class. You have been quite successful as the World Geography teacher this quarter. With that being said, I think areas that need improvements are your ability to pronounce words without always using your Wisconsin accent. Also, it would benefit you have the proper materials in class, that includes your red “beg.” You could also attempt to stay on task more; it seems like every conversation turns into a talk about Cheese Curds. I believe that if you fix these problems, you will have even more success as my teacher. I can’t wait for the rest of the year with you!!! 🙂

Will Frentz’s comment for Jillian Hebert

Years worth of thought and care are a necessity to being a successful teacher in the school we love and attend alike. Throughout the first quarter, Jillian exhibited these traits most of the time. I say most of the time because there have been certain moments that I have feared for my life while quietly sitting at my desk and this often times prevents my classmates and I from staying focused. For example, as I lean over to ask my pal, John Picard, a question about chemistry she snaps and threatens to throw things at me. My heart and mind race out of fear not only for myself but my peers as well. This being said her constant comments about the excellent and nasty of pregnancy have been quite enlightening and to that I say thanks.  I really enjoy Jillian’s class and think that if she is better able to control her emotions and stay focused she will ultimately be more successful.

Addie Vidrine’s comment for Nicole Small-Stutes

Nicole, in the first quarter we truly stepped out of our comfort zones with you. Being in your class demands a type of diligence and requires giving up some of your personal time to master the material. With that said, some of us are still a tad scared to ask you for help, but most of us got over it and just ask for your assistance. An area that could use improvement would be for you to work on holding it together when someone is blowing their nose or making any noise louder than 10 decibels. Sometimes the nose can’t help it. Other than this, you have done a great job teaching me about math and life. The year thus far has been a success, and I appreciate you. Super excited for the rest of the year with you! I send my love.

Lauren Franques’s comment for Natalie Hesterly

This year we have covered topics ranging from the “harses” of middle ages to painted “iggs” of the Italian Renaissance. Your disappointed sighs always let us know when we have gone too far off topic and when to stop roasting you. Despite our shenanigans, you continue to soft smile through the pain in the hopes at least one of us will pass the AP test. Your endurance and patience are as impressive as the font is small in the assigned reading. Your passion for the subject and care for us is evident as you grade every horrible test quickly and thoughtfully. We look forward to the rest of the year filled with plenty of homemade cookies, DBQ’s, and love.

Olivia Bradley’s comment for Ms. Roz

In the first quarter, we learned that art is a very important part of life. You inspire us everyday with your creativity and positivity. Your daily reminders that I am “a pink starburst” and to not let anyone else tell me otherwise are always appreciated and do not go unnoticed. Though you are caring and considerate most of the time, it would be appreciated if you did not make us feel extremely lonely by talking about your man candy and how amazing he is. We know he is a great guy but not all of us are living our best lives with an incredible boyfriend. That aside, teaching art is your main job, but you also teach us important life lessons. They are based on your crazy stories from events that happened to you throughout high school and are a great guide for us to navigate high school. I am so excited for the rest of the year with you!

Christian Matherne’s comment for Mr. Ducote

In the first quarter in Master Ducote’s (as he has insisted that we call him due to his recently attained degree in order to prop up his ego) class, he has engaged us in study with his absolute obsession with the field of mathematics and his lack of understanding why his students would not share his fetish. By the end of the first quarter, Taylor’s students have finally come around to understand that his is indeed an adult, despite the fact that his baby is bigger than he is. Though I made a good grade on the first test, Taylor’s teaching performance on the latest chapter had much left to be desired, rendering me helpless with a disappointing 87. Of course, some of this poor performance could have been from me being distracted by his obnoxious hot pink ties and his insistence on dressing like he is about go to middle school prom everyday. All this aside, Taylor has successfully discussed the broad topics of life with us and has assisted us in anyway he can. This includes Mr Ducote’s music career as a Christian metal band screamer. If Taylor continues to learn from his mistakes, he should continue to have success as our teacher. Good luck in quarter 2!