Tea Time


This past weekend our 2018 homecoming court gathered together for a tea party! This tea was a time for the girls to hang out and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with each other before the hectic week of homecoming starts. These girls got dressed in pretty dresses with their hair and makeup done and sat around and ate some good food and drank some delicious tea. After they hung out for awhile, they did the traditional tea cup trade! Every girl was asked to bring a tea cup wrapped and the homecoming court played a game and all ended up with someone else’s tea cup! After the game, the girls gathered outside to start taking pictures for the cover of the football program. After the fancy pictures, they all changed into their homecoming court polos and jeans with no shoes and took more pictures in the backyard. Senior Austin Arceneaux dressed up as the blue gator mascot and took some pictures with the girls! Senior Sophie Hebert, says “it was super fun to get dressed up for one afternoon with some of my favorite people. I can’t wait for homecoming week.”

The girls are going to be super busy the week of homecoming week with pictures and activities to show them off. The tea was just a little kick-off to a great week coming up. Something simple and elegant to make the girls feel special and to get them fired up for homecoming week.