Sappy Senior Lock-in


photo credit: Addie Vidrine

This year, the seniors at Ascension decided to have their own lock-in, seniors only, no one else. The night started out with Coach DarDar’s amazing jambalaya. Everyone then gathered in the gym where they found a fun jump ready for them to have a good time. Everyone kind of just let loose for a night and checked out of reality and acted like kids again. They all started playing the old PE games from the downtown campus: scrambled eggs, steal the bacon, and mission impossible. This brought back many memories for a lot of the seniors. They even got some of the chaperones to play some games with them. After they wrapped up the fun in the gym, all seniors met up in the main building for a huge game of hide and seek around the entire school. Senior Alaina Hardy said, “It’s fun being able to hide in a building where someone always has to know where you are and where it’s always a serious setting. It was just so cool to be able to run around school and act like little kids.”

After the seniors hid in basically every classroom possible, they gathered into a classroom with just seniors, no chaperones, where they watched a slideshow a classmate made sharing old memories and laughing. This was a lot of the seniors’ favorite part. This is where most of the bonding happened. There were tears from laughter and tears from not wanting to leave Ascension and the family here in 9 months. Senior Annelise Smith shared, “the lock-in really did bring us closer together… it was amazing.” The seniors shared memories until the chaperones had to tell them it was time for bed. The next morning everyone woke up and met under the pavilion for doughnuts and chocolate milk. We hope the seniors remember this memory forever — it sounds like it was something special.