Headlines & Deadlines: 2018 Yearbook Expo

Who doesn’t love a good field trip? On Tuesday, August 28, the journalism staff traveled to the Garden Plaza Hotel to learn more about what really goes into making a yearbook. The staff got to skip a day of school for the workshop (with an excused absence, of course), which started at 8:30 am and ended around 2 pm. The group departed around 12:30 pm from the hotel to go to lunch at the nearest Chic-fil-a. After filling up on chicken sandwiches and nuggets, they headed back to the event to learn more about their beloved book.

Among the many things covered, some of the highlighted topics were: designs and layouts, fonts, catchphrases, and captions. The staff was able to get together to discuss the upcoming yearbook theme, and ways they can incorporate the theme throughout the whole book. The editors and co-editors even created the cover for the 2019 yearbook! The workshop hosted around 5 other schools, including Lafayette Christian Academy and Academy of the Sacred Heart. There were various competitions between the schools for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card, such as who could write the best caption for a photo and a social media photo contest.

When asked about the all-day event, two staff members had some positive things to say! Senior Elise Juneau said, “At the convention, I enjoyed the group activities we did because it showed the amazing 2018-2019 staff reflecting on all the great ideas we have when we work well and come together!” Junior Piper Blancher “piped” in with another positive thing to say; she says, “The yearbook expo really gave me a new appreciation for all the hard work Olivia Matherne and other past editors have put in over the years. I can’t wait to show everyone all that we’ve come up with for this coming year!” Besides being a chance to skip school, the yearbook expo proved to be the start to an amazing year for the 2018-2019 journalism staff!