So Long to Summer


I know we all hate that summer had to come to an end and early mornings are in our daily routine. We get to see new, unfamiliar faces or finally get to see our friends that were busy all summer! Pretending we read our summer reading books, we rush to our classes to make good first impressions on our teachers. The first day is always filled with everyone rushing through the halls trying to get a seat close to their friends in their classes. We have not been given homework or assignments yet, so there is no stress. Once you get to the second and third days, that is when the tardies start to flood my backpack. Also, this is when Pdawg breaks his dress code streak of one day.

Like I said, there are both positive and negative reasons for returning to school. A negative reason is the fact that we all miss our favorite furry friends. For example, Ms. Delhomme said, “My least favorite thing about coming back to school is that Coach Dardar won’t let me bring my 2 dogs to school.” However, Ms. Delhomme and many other teachers said that their favorite part about coming back to school is seeing all the students again and their fresh minds. Ascension is one of a kind. When people would asked me if I was ready for senior year, they would question why I was excited about school. Ascension creates a relaxed and welcoming environment for all students. I would hate to come back to school if I did not attend Ascension. The teachers here are very caring and understanding to all students.

This year, Ascension started a new tradition with a ceremony called, “Meet the Gators.” Every senior involved in a fall sport was recognized and given a senior athlete shirt. The cheerleaders and dance team performed for the parents and athletes. Food trucks parked in front of the gym as the concessions and the ceremony took place in the gym. Each fall sport got recognized and the head coach of each team/ squad got to give a speech about the upcoming season. It was a great success with the number of people in the stands, and I hope that this back to school tradition happens for many more years.