Ascension’s First Volleyball Scrimmage of 2018


On August 11, 2018, Ascension Volleyball’s Varsity team went to Comeaux for the annual referee tournament. They played three teams: Carencro, Comeaux, and rival STM. This tournament is timed, so that each team plays each other for forty five minutes with an additional fifteen minutes for warm ups.

The first game was an easy warm up for the Blue Gators. “Comeaux was a better fight than the game before, but still not an exciting game,” junior Jordan Berube states. Ascension won all of their matches in the two 45 minute games, then they had an hour break until they started playing STM.

Finally, the Gators face STM in their final game. All of the players were pumped up and ready to play them. The Blue Gators lost the first set against STM with a score of 27-25. It was a really good match, but then the Gators came out ready for revenge. The two teams did not get to finish the second set due to time restraints, but Ascension was up by three points, and that was satisfying enough.