What to Expect Your Senior Year


Bryn Daneshfar, Staff Writer

Going into your senior year, you hear tons of things from other seniors, teachers, and even parents. They’ll say stuff like: “Senior year is so easy!” or “It’ll be a breeze!” Well, I’m here to tell you that no, it is not easy. There’s a lot of change and growing up in one year, but it makes you so grateful for the whole experience. The closer it comes to the end, the more I actually realize these really are “the good ol’ days.” With that, here’s a few things to expect during your final year in high school:

Applying to Colleges

You may or may not have witnessed the current senior class, or any senior class for that matter, scrambling around in the fall to meet all sorts of college deadlines. The college admission process is NOT easy. There is an overwhelming amount of essays to write, scholarships to apply for, and stress to make sure everything is perfect before you apply to your dream school. Meanwhile, all of this is slowly piling on top of the schoolwork that just keeps rolling in. My advice, figure out your deadlines and stay organized! Those deadlines will creep up on you and it’s important to make sure you have everything you need while giving yourself enough time to do it. But lemme tell you, finally submitting those applications and being proud of them is so rewarding. Maddie Blackstone, senior, says, “I spent so many long nights working on college apps and never thought I would finish. But the moment I started getting letters back, I was so proud of my efforts and for not giving up!”

Time Flies

Going into senior year, you will hear this A MILLION times: “It flies by!” and “It’ll be over before you know it!” Wow, is this true. I always thought it would be like any other year, but it really is gone in the blink of an eye. Though it seems like the days drag on, especially when you’re sitting in math class staring at the clock and praying the minutes go by just a little bit faster, the year as a whole moves all too quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was entering my first year at SMP as an eighth grader, and now I’m getting ready to graduate.


Yes, this disease is all too real. Senioritis is one of the toughest parts of a senior’s high school career. It’s a constant battle between “I don’t want to fail” and “I don’t care enough to do anything.” As you start second semester, you feel so close to graduation, yet still so far, and you’ve never felt so unmotivated in your entire life. By this time, all (or most) of your college acceptances are in, and you feel like every assignment you do is just busy work. Is there a cure for senioritis? I have no idea. Hannah Dees, senior, says, “When people would joke about senioritis, I never thought what they were saying would be true or that it would be as bad as it is. Each day takes more of an effort to get things done because we are so close to the end of school.” But even in the midst of just wanting to do absolutely nothing all day everyday, remember your grades still matter!

It’s exciting, but it’s also emotional

There’s a lot of lasts. Your last first day of school, your last high school dance, your last homecoming game, etc. There is a lot (and I mean A LOT) of tears. Seriously, cherish every moment you have in high school because I promise you’ll be glad you did. With that said, this year is the definition of bittersweet. You’ll reflect on all our favorite high school memories with your best pals, you have to come terms with the fact that you and your best friend might not be headed to the same college, and you’ll become super excited at the thought of beginning the next chapter in your life. Ultimately, senior year carries a lot of emotions, but don’t rush the time you have here! Said best in words from Alexis Cortez, senior, “I never dreamed I would make it to my last few days at Ascension and now that they are here, I want to go back to my freshman year and do it all over again.”