Traveling through Time with Ascension Cheerleading


Our journey begins in 2012, featuring my stunt group and I wearing our fancy new practice uniforms topped with a high ponytail and, of course, the tri-color bow to top it all off.  After an exhausting one hour practice, we are ready to show off our newly cleaned stunt sequence that consisted of basic skills. We were preparing for a thrilling weekend at SCA cheerleading camp.

Fast forwarding to my sophomore year of  high school, cheerleading was a whole different ball game. Introduced to many new stunts and technique, our team had a very different image. Baskets (my personal favorites) were introduced, and allowed for more elaborate skills. Ascension’s first ever Junior Varsity team was a huge success and will be continued throughout the years. The Junior Varsity team consisted of freshman and sophomore girls.   

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My junior year was the best year yet! Being on the Varsity squad was so exciting. The white uniform quickly became my favorite outfit. Friday nights on the football field will forever be my home. The Junior Varsity girls easily became like the little sisters I’ve always wanted. Pep rallies (even though they are stressful)  are very rewarding when your whole routine hits perfectly. I am so lucky to call all of the girls my best friends. Junior Grace Darnall explained, “I  am so thankful that cheer allowed me to make friends as the new kid and made me feel accepted.” Cheerleading has given me some of the best friendships that I have ever had. 

My senior year will be a little different. Cheerleading at Ascension is making huge changes next year. We will hold tryouts on March 29th, and be placed on a team based on skill level and attitude. Also the Varsity team will be competing in a UCA “game day” competition. We will also have two guys on the squad. Juniors Brooks Whittington and Andrew Gagnard will be cheering on the JV team after football season. Even though I am only a junior, I am already getting sentimental of my time left on this squad. I am so thankful to be part of such an amazing team. See you at tryouts!