5 Reasons YOU Should be in Journalism!


Elise Juneau , Co-Editor

1. Piece of History

You get to create a piece of Ascension history. How cool is that? You get to make something that you will cart with you and look back on for years to come. Creating the yearbook gives you a whole different perspective on how amazing the school community is as a whole. When you look back at the yearbook that you were a part of making, you don’t just remember the memories inside of it, you also remember the memories you made while making it. For example, while I visited the middle school and preschool for pictures and quotes, I got to interact with the younger grades and visit with former teachers.You learn to appreciate the little things about the yearbook.

2. Creativity

Journalism takes a lot of creativity while working on the yearbook and typing up articles. It helps build your creative thinking. While writing articles, you have to stay engaged with what is new and going on around the school community. It is a good way to get involved with the school while interviewing students and attending school events. While working on the yearbook, you have to have created a good eye for layouts and designs, attend school events for pictures or get in touch with people that will have the pictures, and create catchy captions to pull everything together.

3. Field Trips

We all love leaving school for any reason we can think of and in journalism, we have taken multiple field trips (all journalism related, of course) this year! We’ve been to a yearbook workshop to learn many great tips about how to create an amazing yearbook and create the 2017-2018 yearbook layout. We got to go to everyone’s favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A. Another great field trip was the trip to Panera Bread and the movies to see The Post. And, of course, to celebrate everyone meeting their deadline goals, we got to have lunch at Agave!

4. Relaxing Environment

You work with the best people in a great environment. There are many funny moments while people are telling stories that happened that day or bringing up memories from the past, reminiscing on old yearbook memories. You never have to worry about a test because all that is expected of you is something you cannot be tested on — your creativity. The classroom is very relaxed and everyone gets stuff done; you are always given a reasonable amount of time to work on your amount of work for the week. Once you finish all your work for that week, you are allowed to use your time wisely and finish assignments for other classes.

5. Because YOU just should!

I look forward to journalism during the day and never have a reason to complain about the class. You are assigned your work early enough to get ahead and can express your ideas in your own work. Being in journalism, you are a voice of Ascension and have a voice at Ascension. You can state your thoughts and views in your articles (like this one) and speak for Ascension while writing in the yearbook. I personally could not say one bad thing about being in the class, and I want you to consider joining journalism!