Disney Bound Round 2


Grace Darnall , Staff Writer

This Mardi Gras break, the choir and the drama club are going to Disney for the second year in a row. Rehearsal began this past Sunday, January 28th, and it was a fun and productive time. Ms. Kallie and Mr. Sanford are bringing the students on the trip, and both of them are really excited. We will be singing a Phantom of the Opera medley, and everyone is trying really hard to make this performance the best it could be!

I talked to Ms. Kallie and asked if she was excited to be going to Disney another year and she said, “We are very excited to have this opportunity to perform again at Disney Springs and participate in workshops with Disney professionals. Our students will then get to explore all of the parks for a few days, which they are very excited about.” It is very exciting to get to go to Disney World with my friends and perform with them. She said we will be performing new material and taking new workshops this year. Another exciting factor is that we are visiting Universal Studios for a day as well! I asked if more people were going this time around and she answered, “We have around thirty students attending, and quite a few new students!” This trip is for both the choir and drama club, so it’s a great bonding opportunity for everyone! Ms. Kallie and I agree that this is a great opportunity to showcase everything we learned in front of a large venue. It’s also exciting because we are learning from Disney professionals. She added, “It’s something that looks great on college applications, and a huge accomplishment to be selected to perform. Plus, the students then get to celebrate their hard work by bonding as a group while exploring Walt Disney World and Universal Studios!” It is a great opportunity for the students going.

Caroline Frentz was telling me how excited it was to be going to Disney another year. I asked if anything would be different and she responded, “Well, this year is going to be a little different because I’m making it my mission to eat every Mickey shaped food in sight. That was my one regret last year haha!” She added in, “In addition to my mass consumption of the Mickey-shaped food group, this year is going to be a difference because we’re also going to Universal Studios and my inner Potterhead could not be more excited. I’m definitely packing my Hufflepuff jacket and binge-watching the movies before we leave!” Caroline, along with everyone else, are ready to buy the Mickey ice cream and ride every ride we can while we are there! She is also ready to perform in Disney and partake in the workshop. “I look at it as a stepping stone to my career as a princess… just kidding.” She is also saying that “nothing bonds theatre nerds more than a twelve-hour bus ride and shared tears while basking in Elsa’s beauty!” I couldn’t agree more!

This is a fun trip with a great opportunity for each student going, and everyone can probably agree with Caroline when she said the bus ride is a great time for the students to bond. It’ll be a trip with many memories to carry with us through years! We have a few rehearsals coming up and then it’s show time!