Is Junior Trip Worth It?


Quinn Billeaud, Staff Writer

The school year is officially halfway over, and the juniors are on the College Tour. I, Quinn Billeaud, am a junior on said tour. There were many expectations for this tour and I guess it met some of them, but there are some unpleasant things us juniors were unaware of. Lets have a Pros vs. Cons of attending this field trip:

Pros: The best part of this trip is probably the fact that we get to miss four days of school. We also get a 24/7 endless  supply of Neil-Jones entertainment with a side of Scotty McCullough. That alone should be enough to make anyone go on this trip. Some of the schools are pretty I guess (Rice was probably the prettiest so far), and from what I hear they’re not terrible schools, so that’s a plus. I asked my fellow classmates what they thought and the wonderful 5’10” junior Addie Vidrine said, “I’ve seen more snacks on this trip than I’ve seen in my entire life, so I can’t wait to go to college” (she wasn’t talking about food). So, I guess you could call this trip inspiring.

Cons: I don’t think I’ve ever walked this much in my entire life. Also: they have these things called hills here, and they’re a real struggle. Junior Hannah Mattke (5’5″) summed it up best when she said, “This sucks.” There is also the mind-numbing presentations that remind me of why I appreciate my classes that don’t make me fall asleep within the first two minutes. Junior Elise Juneau fell asleep at the University of Houston when they put the introductory video on, and she didn’t wake up until the lady had given her entire 30 minute presentation. Also: Did I mention the walking? Because ouch.

Despite all of this, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I’d still rather be here than at school failing my classes (@AP Chem).