Back to School BLUES


Lillian Broussard, Co-Editor

Even though our school colors are navy and Carolina blue, a different shade of “blue” is covering the halls of Ascension Episcopal School — the back-to-school blues. The hallways are filled with half-awake students. The transition from Christmas break was very rough for the students here at Ascension. Many students are feeling a little blue walking to class and slowly climbing the staircases.

As I walked through the hallways, I asked sophomore Jessica Matt about how she feels and she revealed, “I have something to do with my life now, rather than sitting in bed all day watching Blue Mountain State”. The separation struggle from Netflix and fuzzy blankets is real for many of us here at Ascension. Students are struggling to pay attention in class, constantly daydreaming about doing absolutely nothing all day and sleeping until noon. Junior Claire Walters said, “I like being able to see my friends again, but the workload is not fun. I am excited to have a positive mindset towards school this year.” As we jump back into the remainder of the school year, just remember that summer is just around the corner, so embrace the struggle!

Even though you may be exhausted and having separation anxiety from your comfy bed, and the endless hours that were spent binge-watching your favorite TV shows, getting back to school can’t be that bad. Everyday you pack up your backpack and prepare to go home, just remember that it brings you one day closer to graduation, so enjoy the time you have here, because one day it will be just a memory of your time here at Ascension.  The school year is flying by and so is time, so let’s fill the halls with Blue Gator spirit and push through the last semester! Have a great Blue Gator year!