Ascension Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Girls


December 25th is approaching and it’s time to start rounding up gifts for your loved ones. We get it, gift giving can be extremely stressful, but have no fear! The Authored Ascension has put together a guide for gifts that each and every teenage girl in your life is bound to love.

For the Food Fanatic:

Treat her to a meal at her favorite restaurant—this is a gift she will definitely take pleasure in and can be a fun outing for the two of you. If she has a sweet tooth, spoil her with sweets! Gift her favorite candy or do some baking—baked goods that are homemade always taste 100 times better, and I promise your hard work and thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed.

For the Music Lover:

Search for CDs of her favorite albums (or even records if she owns a record player). Although you might be quick to think that both of these are outdated or impractical, CDs and vinyl actually provide a much higher sound quality than music that can be streamed digitally and gifting either can be a fun way to share & keep tangible copies of music. If you really want to keep it old school, you could make her a mixtape featuring all of you guys’ favorite songs. If you have no clue how to do this (I do not) just make a Spotify playlist! This gift is so functional that she is certain to appreciate it.

For the Girl who Cherishes Her Relaxing Nights In:

You can never go wrong with a cozy blanket or socks. Senior Natalie Brauns commented, “I love receiving both of these gifts because I get so much use out of them.” Gifting matching pajamas could add the perfect element to your Christmas movie marathon or to a comfortable night in with your girlfriends. Candles, bath bombs, and bath products are also classic gifts.

For Your Friend with a Caffeine Addiction:

Scavenge far and wide for the craziest coffee mugs—there are so many cool ones out there! You can find these for cheap prices and your outrageous mug will bring her a smile as she sips her morning coffee. If she prefers to swing through Starbucks or CC’s on her way to school though, a gift card to either of these places is never a bad idea.

For Your Practical Gal:

Often times the practical gifts can be the most worthwhile. These include (but definitely are not limited to) water bottles, umbrellas, car air fresheners, tasteful ponytail holders or scrunchies, a personalized initial keychain, or an Amazon gift card—your girl could use many of these gifts on the daily.

For Literally Anyone:

Design your own Christmas card or write a heartfelt note—we all need to hear it. If you are artistic, you can paint or draw her something that she can display in her room—this could be her favorite bible verse, quote, pun, or saying. Framed pictures of the two of you can also make perfect room decor and are inexpensive to gift. Junior Emma Dees suggested putting together a scrapbook filled with pictures of you and your friends because according to her, “handmade gifts are more personalized and make you feel more special.”

Have any more gift ideas? Go for it. Chances are you already know the girl a lot better than others do, and the selection of gifts you could possibly give is endless. However, while it can be extremely fun and rewarding to give, we must not let ourselves get too easily carried away by the materialistic thrill of Christmas shopping. You should give gifts out of the goodness of your heart, focusing less on the dollar amount of the gift and more on the message it communicates to the receiver. So, even if you don’t have tons of cash to spend on gifts this holiday season, know that you can still come up with something meaningful to gift that teenage girl in your life.