Midterm Madness


It’s that time of the year again! Ascension’s halls are buzzing with students as they frantically prepare for the most dreaded tests of the year…MIDTERMS. On top of research papers, Theology essays, and math tests, I cannot start to focus on study guides. I took it upon myself to ask around, get some opinions and check in with my fellow peers to see how they are dealing with the stress of midterms, and this is what they responded. Junior Hailey Young says, “They are the epitome of depression and the bearer of true suffering”. Clearly, the stress of being a junior in high school is a major weight load. On the other hand, eighth grader Olivia Bradley says, “Midterms are stressful, especially since the Christmas season is coming up. All we pretty much want to do is leave school for break. It seems like a lot, which it is, but I think our teachers prepare us for what will be on the exam”.  Here are 4 helpful tips to get you to dashing all the way to Christmas break.

 1. Find a study group

Finding a group of students that can help you study and keep your spirits up is very helpful. Meet at CC’s or Starbucks and help each other study as you sip on your frappuccino or latte. Caffeine is a necessary part of staying awake and focused while studying for what seems like the most stressful test of the year.   

 2. Stock up on your favorite snacks

Take a quick trip to Target (or your preferred grocery store) and grab a couple of your favorite snacks. Trust me, it helps as you are practically crying over how much work you have to complete. A handful of Goldfish or a cupcake will surely distract you from your endless study guides.

3. Divide & Conquer

Help a student out by sharing a Quizlet or splitting up a study guide. I know that the week before midterms can get quite crazy and packed with events, but having a helping hand to complete those study guides that seem to look like scrolls when completed can relieve some of that stress. 

4. Take a break

I know what you are thinking… a BREAK! I bet you are thinking I don’t have time for that, but it helps! Hang out with your friends, watch a movie, or just do anything other than study for a while!


So, for all you students in high school, buckle up because midterms are coming faster than you can say “Merry Christmas”! Also, for all you lower classmen, enjoy those Christmas parties while you can because pretty soon you will get captured by midterms too! Just hold on, because Christmas break is right around the corner and soon you will be snuggled up drinking hot chocolate instead of stressing about those pesky test we like to call midterms. Good luck on all your midterms, and have a happy holiday!