5 Golden Things to do this Holiday Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is upon us and I’d say it’s about time we get some relaxation from all the stress of school. Time to do everything and nothing at the same time. Finally, we get to spend some time with family and friends, eat lots of food, and sleep in. Grace Darnall, junior, says her favorite Christmas break traditions are “watching Netflix and listening to Christmas music all day long.” She also says she’s “super excited for the break because she finally gets to get off of her crutches.” Despite the excitement that comes with a school break, with all the time off, you’re bound to experience boredom at some point.

Here’s a list of some fun ideas to keep you entertained over the winter break:

Bake cookies, drink hot chocolate, or make a gingerbread house!

‘Tis the season for candy canes, gingerbread, eggnog, and brightly packaged chocolate! Let’s be honest: Lots of us spend our winter breaks eating plenty. Baking is a fun and delicious way to get into the holiday spirit and it’s the perfect time to try out all those fun looking Pinterest DIYs you’ve seen online. And no matter how old you are, the thought of making a gingerbread house never gets less exciting. The holidays are without a doubt the perfect excuse to eat your body weight in sweet treats!

Watch Christmas movies

On those cold or rainy days, it can be hard to muster up the energy to get out and do something. So grab some pals, cuddle up in your Christmas pajamas, and watch some Christmas movies! Yes, you’ve seen them a million times, but they get better and better with each holiday season. Some of my favorite Christmas movies are Elf, Love Actually, A Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Home Alone. Or, if you’ve already breezed through your favorite Christmas classics, you can binge watch your favorite TV show! There’s nothing wrong with watching an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy all while lounging around on the couch. Lazy days are good for the soul.

Check out the Christmas lights

Nothing quite puts the Christmas magic back in your heart like Christmas lights. It’s seeing the Christmas lights that lets you know it’s that special time of year again. Drive around town and enjoy how beautiful different neighborhoods look all lit up at night!


Christmas is the season of giving and it is always so much fun finding gifts for your loved ones! The gifts don’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, remember it’s the thought that counts. Not only can you give to family and friends, but you can give your time to those who are less fortunate as well. Volunteering is a great way to fill your holiday. Find an organization that you’re interested in and donate some time or money to helping others. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel!

Spend time with the people that you love

Spending quality time with your friends and family is really what makes the holiday season so magical. These are the times that we make memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. Take full advantage of being able to have extra time to be with your loved ones and enjoy it! Erin McFaul, senior, says “Being with the people I love during the Christmas holidays always gives me the warm and fuzzies!” Happy holidays to all!