Got the Post-HoCo Blues?


I think I can confidently say that homecoming week is most students favorite week of the school year. After all, who can blame them? You have an excuse to wear pajamas to school and definitely lay back and relax from your work a little. With all the fun and games we partook in this week, it is very sad to say that it has come to an end and we now have to return to the usual routine. We now have to wear our uniforms and resume being pounded with heaps of school work once again, which can lead to the post-homecoming blues.

Even though we may be experiencing a bit of homecoming separation anxiety, we should take a moment to reminisce on some of the awesome memories we got to make. For example, Lauren Franques says that she “enjoyed performing and watching the pep rally on Thursday night because it turned out awesome”. Don’t we all agree? Also, who can forget that crazy powder puff game, with a senior win! 😉 Thomas Fredrick said that “southern with a twang” was his favorite day of the week because he “thoroughly enjoyed seeing Zach Gachassin’s enthusiasm when he wore a flannel, jorts, and stunning pair of blinding thighs”. Lillian Broussard said that she enjoyed “sleeping with a teddy” the most because “she felt cozy all day long”.

Thankfully, administration recognized that this following week would be nothing but an addition to our blues, so they graciously planned fall break! Olivia Brown says that she will “definitely be watching Hocus Pocus and Twitches this weekend on repeat!” I am definitely on the same boat as Olivia, and I recommend you join too! Hopefully your 4 day weekend is filled with sleep, all of your favorite fall/halloween movies, and and more sleep; have a great break!