Greer Leleux, Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, the class leaders for the eighth grade and for the juniors put on a show during community time to announce the themes of this year’s homecoming week: S.W.A.T. The eighth grade class leaders all dressed up as spies, while the junior class leaders were the S.W.A.T team, with Junior Arts Prefect Ben Tyrrell as Special Agent James Bond. He was to present the students with a mission, and should they choose to accept, they will dress up each day according to the theme. Luke Foreman said that “the skit was lit” and that “the juniors and eighth graders did a good job putting it on”.

Each day’s dress code goes along with this theme. On Monday, the theme is Someone With A Time-machine. On this day, the students of the Ascension will dress as someone from a different decade. How does this fit in with the theme S.W.A.T, you ask. Well, look at the first letters of each word…you get it?

On Tuesday, the students are dressing up as someone who is Southern With A Twang. Here, students can dress up as a cowboy/cowgirl, wear camo, or anything Southern. Solute Working American Troops is the theme for Wednesday, giving the students the opportunity to show their American pride. Thursday, with my personal favorite, is Sleeping With A Teddy. Yep, that’s right–it’s pajama day, and the best part is that we get to wear slippers. Finally, Friday is Swag With Ascension Threads. Every student should wear all blue to show their school spirit.

Friday’s theme is to be carried over to the football game that night, where the football boys play Franklin. Then, after a long, fun-filled week, high school students get to go to the dance on Saturday night, which begins at 8:30pm. After completing the mission that Agent James Bond gave to us, high school students get the opportunity to go to the homecoming dance on Saturday night at 8:30pm. The theme of this is–wait for it–007. Junior Katherine Broussard, a member of the S.W.A.T. team, is looking forward to this week and the dance, saying “I love all the dress days and I can’t wait to see what everyone wears”.