7 Ways to Beat the School Week Blues


Erin McFaul, Staff Writer

As I’ve been walking through the halls a lot lately, and I ask people how their days are going, they usually come back with a response of “meh” or “it’s just going.” I don’t think anything is actually wrong, but some of us might be stuck in the rut because the workload is increasing as the weeks go by. Whether you are regretting putting too much on your plate this year or panicking about college applications, we all get stressed and we all feel a little meh sometimes, but luckily I’m here to help you (or maybe not, you don’t have to listen to anything that I say, but please enjoy otherwise).

Anyways… let’s get into it.

Do something you genuinely like doing. 

Number one is pretty self explanatory, do something you like! You may like to paint, or maybe you like to ride bikes, or fix old cars, whatever it is, if you do it, you might forget what you were worked up about in the first place.

Listen to some rad tunes. 

Personally, my long drives back and forth to Breaux Bridge everyday give me the perfect opportunity to jam out. But if you don’t drive, I’m sure you are bound to have a pair of headphones or a speaker in your house somewhere, so put on something new or jam out to some oldies with your parents if that floats your boat. If you sing along and dance like no one is watching, then you are bound to de-stress, at least a little. Also, you get bonus points if the people in the cars next to you jam along with you.

Read something that’s not on your phone (other than The Authored Ascension, of course).  

Okay, I know what you guys are thinking, Erin, I barely have time to do all of my homework, why would I add to my already large load? Also, I know that a lot of you guys might not be into reading, but just hear me out. When we finish something, we reward ourselves by mindlessly scrolling through social media, and, I can’t lie, I am extremely guilty of it as well. But, when we take the time to read something else other than Kim Kardashian’s tweet, it might help you be a little in the long run. (Also, Mrs. Fournet would be proud for improving your reading skills for the ACT.) It can be a book, a magazine, a flier, a cereal box, or whatever you choose to read, focus all of your attention on it and put your phone down.

Get outside and be active.

This is a given. I can’t express how good this is for you physically and mentally. It might not be the most enjoyable while it’s happening, but after you will be happy you did it. Luckily this comes easy to most of us because we are so involved in sports teams here. Football player and Senior John Wyatt Hinds says “after practice, I always feel better!”

Compliment somebody.

And really mean it. Try to praise someone about something other than their outward appearance. Notice their talents, personality, sense of style, their manners, and speak up about it! It will brighten their day and as well as your own.

Laugh uncontrollably.

Laugh so hard you cry. Laugh so hard you pee your pants. Spend time with people that make you laugh, watch a funny TV show, have tickle wars with you little sister, whatever it is, everyone knows laughing is good for the soul.

  • If you need some laughing inspiration here’s a little something for your entertainment.

Spend some time with God. 

Obviously all of the ones mentioned above are great and they will help you de-stress, but those are only temporary things. So grab a Bible if that suits your fancy, talk to God if that suits your fancy, also if you haven’t given YoungLife a chance yet, I would gladly encourage you to hop on the bandwagon ASAP!


Stay smiling kiddos.