Parking Spot Tradition Lives On


Well a lot has been fought over, sought over, and many designs thought over. The senior parking lot consists of, well you guessed it, all the seniors of our (wonderful) graduating class of 2018. From Stonewall Johnston’s baby Bart Simpson to the floral print of Sophia McCarthy, the parking lot has its hands full. The teachers get to see these amazing spots and, every day, one anonymous teacher finds a way to park in one by “accident”.

Senior Abbie Boland says that the senior parking spots “are a super unique and fun tradition that we do here at Ascension and I hope it carries on for years to come.” From the many things that are “Only at Ascension”, this is most definitely one of them. Personally, I love how we can express our supreme thoughts and ideas through our parking spots (and if you’re looking for the most “supreme”, check out my spot).

These spots haven’t always looked as good though. The seniors work long and hard before the school years starts in order to create one of a kind work for their fellow students to check out. Best said by Leo Franques, “My spot took several hours to paint. Myself, my sisters Lily and Leah, and my mom all put our efforts together to paint my spot. I’m very pleased about how it turned out.” My girlfriend also had quite a disastrous experience when painting her spot, as a fellow student splattered a paint can all over it, so I would recommend not to look at the back right of the lot when comparing spots. Most junior students begin to get antsy having to walk from the gym parking lot all year, so when our year comes to a close, they get to decide how they want to paint their spots next year. As said by Quinn Billeaud, “I am kinda excited.”