New Face on Campus! – Andrea Mcbride


A huge welcome to Ascension’s new Varsity and Junior Varsity cheer coach, Mrs. Andrea Mcbride.

She has cheered all throughout school, from junior high to college cheer at Southeastern Louisiana University. She has been coaching cheer for an astonishing 20 years! In the last 10 years, she has coached 4 school teams, including her newest team, Ascension Episcopal Varsity and Junior Varsity. She is certified to coach through level 5 competitive teams. Also, she has coached numerous all star teams for Baton Rouge All Stars, Southern Stars Cheerleading, and currently, Cheer Energy. She started the Cheer Energy All Star program back in 2008 at Leaps & Bounds Sports Center. She just started her 10th season with the program and commutes to coach and manage the team twice a week. She briefly served on the Regional Advisory Board for the USASF and has been the department leader of cheer at Leaps & Bounds Sports Center. While she has had many teams win titles over the years, she considers those individuals that helped win them to be the real trophies.

Coach Andrea is new to the Youngsville area, and her son Brady is the newest senior at Ascension. She also has two other children: Josie Mcbride, who is at the new Southside High, and Ozzie Mcbride, who goes to Ernest Gallet. She and Brady are both enjoying Ascension. Coach Andrea said,”everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging at Ascension. Our family loves the school and community.” As for the cheer squads, she is having fun coaching and getting to know each girl. She is pleased with their potential, talent, and sharpness. She is excited to help the cheer squads achieve their goals, and the cheerleaders are inspired by her coaching.

The Varsity cheer captain Hannah Dees said, “Olivia and I are so blessed that Coach Andrea came along to coach us. She really knows what she’s doing and we have improved so much under her already!” The Junior Varsity cheer captain, Anna Grace Franques, notices that Coach Andrea is very good at what she does while being motivational and dedicated, and will help improve both squads. Coach Andrea, along with the cheerleaders, want to help pump up school spirit and get the crowds more involved this school year. If you see Coach Andrea and her family around the Ascension Community, give them a warm welcome!