Gators Pep It Up


This past Friday was our first pep rally of the 2017-12018 school year, and let me just say… it was LIT! Before any of the fun began, I took to the halls to ask some of Ascension’s finest how they felt about the rally. First on my list was PDawg Schaub. This legend told me, “I’m definitely ready for the pep rally because I don’t have to take Mrs. Lad’s test!” I feel you, PDawg. Next I found Mrs. Beth Acevedo, who told me, “I’m very excited. I’m ready to get crunk at da rally!” Typical.

Our spirit squads have been hard at work for the past couple of weeks preparing dances and cheers to perform. Gator Jazz absolutely killed it with their hip-hop number, and the JV and Varsity girls really pumped up the Gators for their very first home game!

For the usual silly pep-rally game, prefects Jillian Barczyk and Grace Hill pulled a unexpected stunt. The girls had all of the senior football players and spirit squad members line up, boys and girls facing each other. They told us the rule of the game: every boy will be blindfolded, kiss a senior girl on the cheek, and try to guess who she is. What they didn’t know is that they girls were replaced with their moms! Once all the boys gave their guesses, they took their blindfolds off and saw who they’d really been smooching. Major aw moment!

It was a great pep rally, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for our Gators!